I Just Needed Time Alone With My Own Thoughts.

Got treasures in my mind but couldn't open up my own vault. 

The Country, TN

The Country, TN

No really. Before 2017 came along, I just knew my life would be dramatically different than anything from 2016 and much better than 2015. No negative Nancy, but I did have a little fake heartbreak (I can laugh about it now, kind of) then between that and not knowing what was going on with Gam, I was feeling all kinds of ways. Still healing with everything but using that energy to be creative as phuk. One thing that I have been extremely consistent in since I could make words into sentences is WRITING. 

I have not stopped since, and reading some of my old material has pushed me to keep going. Not only that but designing, because after all, Coachella, Bonnaroo, Women's National Month (March), and great things to do. So get ready for some good reads, places you'll probably want to check out, garments you'll want to rock, accessories you must have and a bomb a$$ 2017 because this year is all about letting go, and I was born on the 17th so it's even more JIGGY.