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The Anxiety That Was More Like Excitement For Biggie's Birthday Celebration


So yes I DJ'd in college, but it was on vinyl more so & I kind of didn't do it long. I did one party at BarCar in Nashville when I was a part of Olamiji's all women's event promotional group, NuQueen Ent. I was taught by some of the BEST DJ's. Shout out to DJ Crisis, Big Boy AJ, and DJ Young Breezye.

Big Poppa by Caffeine Dream

Big Poppa by Caffeine Dream

This time around DJ Jazzy T, (my sis) and client had the most bomb idea that I DJ again and a little be more that I can't speak on just yet. So I actually said yes. Funny how things come together, I was able to get my DJ setup, headphones and music within a week of saying it (thanks Lightweight). After that I looked at it as, "You really don't have an excuse, it's time." So I've been practicing day, night, morning and whenever I can.  

I was really happy when I was asked to DJ my best fiend, Ciera's surprise birthday party (party of the year). I literally DJ'd from 3PM to 3AM! Then my sister cousin, Shebi's Graduation party (so much love and inspiration and great music in one room) and now my third gig of the month and my very first as DJ CropTopTot!  

I ended up having so much fun! If you we're there you'll see I'm a dancer at heart & just about every song is "my song", so I left wth my legs hurting and a bit of a sore throat. It was all worth it & I was totally in my element. I messed up a few times but the music was so good. Check out a few photos below.