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Today is the birthdate of a fellow Aries and one of my favorite writers of all time. Four years and two months ago I wrote about the legendary Maya Angelou for The Source Magazine. Take a gander and I hope you feel as inspired as I did writing it.


Happy Birthday Maya Angelou.

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Dope Reads of the Week: "Cultivating the career of your dreams..."

Since Sunday is more of a relaxed day, I'll start sharing more of the great articles that I'm sure you will find useful during your "work week". In this case I opted to start with something we all need, women and men. Some of us are living our dreams and really making our marks in the world via our careers. Some of us are not...yet. There are times that you may want to give up, speaking for myself; I've noticed each time I wanted to do so, there was always this tiny little voice that said, "No keep going."

Sometimes it would be in relationships that I really should but hey, we're talking about dreams now and we all know what we know when we know what we know. Below are a few articles to check out.

Photo Credit: Carolina Águila

Photo Credit: Carolina Águila

Happy Reading!

"Always strive to put yourself in uncomfortable situations + thrive in that uneasiness" @alana_matos811 @CarolinaAguilaD

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“Once you know your value, pull up that seat and make sure you have something to say.” — Issa Rae
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Motivating Yourself Through a Dark Time Is Challenge But It Can Be Done

The day after Christmas, at the hospital w/Gam.

The day after Christmas, at the hospital w/Gam.

I found that I could totally identify with's latest article, How I Motivated Myself During My Darkest Times, by John Rampton. I believe my favorite point was rewarding yourself. You know, when you finished a task no matter how small or big; give yourself a gift. I remember for weeks I found myself not being able to get out of bed, to the point of holding my pee because I just wanted to stay in bed and not deal (yeah it got bad). 

Gradually I was able to get out of bed, but it took steps, time and it was a project. However, when I did get out I found having a piece of fruit was my reward or even if I brushed my teeth, I would look up a vacation that I dreamed of taking one day as a gift to myself. It wasn't overnight but it helped and it's still a task. I'm probably one of the biggest fans (now) of self-care and treating yourself, because if you can't treat yourself...who will?

P.S. Ever since I've moved back to Tennessee (three years now) I've been at the hospital every Christmas (Mama, Grandpa, Gam). This year, my goal is to get out of the country. Cuba, Tiara aka Dora, you ready?

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How Raising My Gam That Raised Me, Helped Raise Me More

Surviving five heart attacks, four diabetic seizures, congestive heart failure, Alzheimer's, gastrointestinal cancer and breast cancer would sound like a stew of pain. Thankfully, I was able to witness my precious Gam seem to not have any pain (Thank you God for this).


Rewind, I initially moved back to Tennessee to help take care of my Mama when she was diagnosed with cancer. At the time, she was also taking care of my Gam (Mama's Mama) that also had two cancers along with Alzheimer's. Sounds like a lot, but when you LOVE your foundation so much that's small. I stayed, left my bills back in Arizona (yes, random yet peaceful move to the desert) and helped take care of both my Mama and Gam. I had no idea that when my Grandpa came to visit (lived with him in NY for five years; we took care of each other; my bff) that he would suddenly have a stroke and pass. 

I was heartbroken and I didn't know if I would be able to make it. He is/was ( I still speak of him presently) one of a kind and the best man I've ever known. I had no choice but to keep going, my Mama still had cancer treatments and began to have immense pain, not to mention Gam had chemotherapy as well. As I write this I'm seeing that things happen as they are supposed to. I think if they were doing ok, I may not have been ok because I wouldn't have felt the need to.


Not too long after February 10, 2015, my Aunt Alberta (Grandpa's sister) passed away. I was sad as I love her and seeing my other Aunts and Uncle Bobby be sad made my heart ache. Not to mention my Mama was in the hospital that week and couldn't go. Little did I know the very week after, July 5, 2015 that she too would pass. Again, writing this is only the brink of my feelings. It doesn't seem real but I can say I am at peace knowing my love angels are. Soon after, my other cousin Diane passed away a month later, my cousin Clayborn passed away that December, the next year November 6, 2016 my Aunt Marie (Grandpa's sister) passed away and now we're here...


February 18, 2017, my sweet Anna Lee aka Gam went home. As you can see it's been quite some challenges, from grieving to attempting to continue life, take care of myself, but be selfless to make sure my loved ones are cared for. I have no complaints as I have been able to do the things that I want but to a limit. I am grateful for those limits though. Going back to raising my Gam. The effects of Alzheimer's are tremendous and if the caretaker themselves doesn't take care of themselves they too will suffer. Somehow I made it to this point where I could write about it. But this is only the beginning.


Thank you my dearest Anna Lee, Percy Johnson, Terri Odel.

Because of YOU I can do this.