The Be Dangerous Film Screening + Photo Exhibit Recap.

Photo by Sydney Whitney

Photo by Sydney Whitney

Ya’ll it really happened!

Over a year and a half ago 10 young ladies, including myself gathered up in Nashville, Tennessee to share our stories about being women in our respected industries. We laughed we dance and we took dope photos by JustxFred and filmed a documentary.

Fast forward to Saturday, March 23 and we’re here at Main Street Gallery in Nashville with our photos on full frontal display, I’m DJ’ing, pizza and pasta provided by Slim and Husky’s, speciality cocktails by our great friends at Guidance Whiskey!

And can’t forget you and the Be Dangerous Film t-shirts. Check out the full recap here shot by ShotPresh1x.


When You're A Grown A$$ Kid & There's A Place For You

Grown A$$ Kids

Yo Breezye x Southern Yankee

Seriously, with so many restaurants adding some of your favorite childhood board games it was only a matter of time for a full day of it. Well not all the way but instead of board games, Nashville's Yo Breezye and Southern Yankee took my favorite term Grown A$$ Kid to the max with a full day of games, drinks, food, music which made for Field Day 615!  

One of my favorite things besides the music was the gladiator like jumping thing. Again, Breezye didn't get me! I just wanted to jump around like the grown a$$ kid I am. It's hard to believe the summer is over but it was one to never forget. Check out a few photos of what you missed.