Why The Tupac Festival In Nashville, Tennessee Is Important to the World


Just the title alone screams WHAT! I still can't believe it's actually a festival for Tupac and it's actually taking place in Nashville. As much as people may think of Nashville as the home of Country music, it's roots are music as a whole, hence, MUSIC CITY. As a "Little Big Town" (pun intended) the community feel makes it extra special to host the Tupac Festival. 


A grand community featuring, Slim And Huskys, Beats & Brushes, Seafood Sensations, EYEPISSGLITTER (owwww), Fella Vision, PRJMarie, 1608Creatives, Dixon N Such, Concrete Magazine, 92Q, and many more are giving helping to plan some exciting events circled around not only the movie premiere of All Eyez On Me, but the 46th birthday of Tupac Shakur. It all started with a few friends coming together excited about the drop of the movie and wanting to do something extra special for his birthday...that small idea turned into a festival and that's where we are now. 

The Tupac Festival will include:

  • Birthday Party, hosted by Vibe Magazine
  • Beats & Brushes at Agenda
  • Art Show via Slim And Huskys
  • The Searching for Black Jesus Panel hosted by The National Museum of African American Music (myself, Big Fella and Anasa Troutman are speaking on that

And plenty more. Take a look at the visuals


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