DESIGN | From Staycation to Baecation See How To Store Your Goods


With all of the graduation parties over with and the beginning of the summer social season upon us, it's time to plan out where #summersixteen will take you. Whether your idea of a vacation takes you to the other side of the world or the other side of the bed is up to you, but you will inevitably need somewhere to store your essentials. Below are some great uses for your new pouch, no matter where in the world you take it (or it takes you!)

- Staycation

If you choose to get wrapped up in domestic bliss (and a couple dozen blankets) this summer, your pouch will come in extra handy for storing everything you need for a Netflix and chill day: a remote, mini snacks/waters, a packet of popcorn...the possibilities are really endless.

- Rio de Janeiro

Where better to take your pouch than its birthplace? Here you can store reais, a little bottle of water, a pastel and your sunglasses.

- Paris

Ah, the city of love. Don't forget to bring back as much of the magic as you can fit in your pouch: candles, mini Eiffel towers, brie wheels, and of course a bottle of Chanel No. 5 straight from the Champs-Élysées.

- Honolulu

An exotic vacation doesn't have to take you all the way across the world! Bring back a lei or two in your pouch (synthetic flowers only, of course; no need for a customs nightmare) to remind you of your intranational getaway.

- Agra

No, not the city where Jasmine and Aladdin's whirlwind romance took place (Agrabah)...but it is where Shah Jahan built the greatest homage to a wife ever seen by the world. Bring a mini Taj Mahal back with you in your new pouch.

Now take your pick. Whether it be the Freaki Red Pouchette, Freaki Green Pouch or Gucci, you'll definitely find a good use.

-Nainika Sudheendra