DESIGN | Surprising Facts I Found About Vinyl Record Sales. Kind of.

My love of vinyl is more than just the music on them, but the feeling inside and the vibe creates for my home or where ever they are played. It makes you automatically listen to an entire album. But it looks like I'm not the only one. Check out a few facts I found about vinyl record sales that may surprise you too.

Candy x Foxy Brown via EYEPISSGLITTER Studio.

Candy x Foxy Brown via EYEPISSGLITTER Studio.

Vinyl Record Revenues Have Surpassed Free Streaming Services Like Spotify.

This was very surprising to me. As much as I buy records, finding out people are buying these and spending more than they spend on Spotify (my other favorite spot) was very interesting but also very encouraging. Stay tuned and see what other surprises I found about vinyl via Wow247.

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