DESIGN | How To Hang Your Art Work After You Copped At #ArtHaus

So now you have your first piece of artwork  or maybe your fifth; and like any new additions you have to make space  for it. Luckily, there was a range of pieces to choose from at #ARTHAUS this past Thursday in Nashville.

Exquisite pieces from TrapArtTerry, FluGameQ, RichTheArtist, C3FD, KennyWayneArts, DopeArtDealer, MegPie and CreativeSuppli.

The pop-up shop included finds from Sneakersxspeakers, The Outer Circle and of course new pieces from EYEPISSGLITTER.

I. Be Patient

No, really it's a process but a fun one at that. Don't expect to fill your wall at one time. Start with a focal point and make it the star and put place it on the center of your wall.

II. Get Jiggy

It's your spot, make it reflect your personality. You've already selected your favorite pieces so now it's time to place them where you want. You can tilt your art too (think T.I.'s hat cocked to the side but on your wall).

III. Consistency Is Key

Have fun with it, but don't get too matchy. Use the same colors and mix the prints of the same colors, this show a flow but a difference.

IV. Plan 

One of the best things I have found useful is post it notes. You can put these all over the wall and figure out anything from your life goals to where you want to hang your new art.