DESIGN | Project Make My Chair Match My Curtains



There's nothing like adding your own touch to your home, I mean it is YOUR personal space right? One of my favorite new vices is the touch of mixing the old with the new. In this case, it's re-upholstery. The crafting of it is simply relaxing with hardcore (no Lil' Kim) work. Seeing the end result is a definite WOW factor.



My first upholstery client in Nashville really set the bar. She wanted to turn a dining room chair into a piece that was welcoming and had the fun factor that matched her curtains. I was into the project immediately. Most of the work was taking it apart and the most fun. Next it was measuring and making sure I had every part of the chair tight but not too tight.

Seeing it come together was magical. The end result, a happy client and a designer that wanted to keep the chair. 

It's almost my turn, on the hunt for a cool chair and a fun fabric to complement the cribnasium.

Question of the Day

What dream fabric would you add to a chair?

Comment below.


DESIGN | When Music Matches Your Vibes | DJ Mike Nasty x Untitled 001

Ever so often something magical happens, well ehh, I take that back it happens a lot. But catching the good vibes of music that go along with your day can heavily influence the way you carry on with it. Upbeat and catchy can always change a blah day to a great day.

In this case, DJ Mike Nasty did just that. Evolving from a DJ to producer seems easy when playing his latest Untitled: 001.

The mix features three tracks that are easily something you can sew to (in my case), clean to or just vibe out and talk over but realize you're listening to something with replay value. Take a listen here and tell me what track you'll be listening to in your cribnasium.

Mike Nasty | Untitled: 001



DESIGN | How to Mix Vintage Love & Modern Edge For Your Cribnasium

As we get ready to dive into the new year, we usually look to throw a lot of the old things away; with the exception of photos (unless it was a bad break-up). One of my favorite things to use in any space, especially the CRIBNASIUM (your home) are photos. And not just any photos, family. I feel blessed that my Mama kept a lot of photos of my Gam and Grandpa as well as my Great-Aunts, Uncles, cousins and more. I realize there is so much history in these pictures and one thing that they all have are so much LIFE!

And what is a home without LIFE! With the photos being black and white they are already lively but since I'm going for a Palm Springs kind of feel, I wanted to add color without editing the photos. 

Luckily, I made a trip to Homegoods with my cousin Jessica in Huntsville, Alabama. The tripped turned to be great exciting and I left with these goodies. 

I love the tile design, it reminds me of Palm Springs, Cabo and a vibrant feel. I believe it adds an edge to the photos and still keeps the warm feel of love and admiration. 

How will you add a new edge to your home?


DESIGN | Surprising Facts I Found About Vinyl Record Sales. Kind of.

My love of vinyl is more than just the music on them, but the feeling inside and the vibe creates for my home or where ever they are played. It makes you automatically listen to an entire album. But it looks like I'm not the only one. Check out a few facts I found about vinyl record sales that may surprise you too.

Candy x Foxy Brown via EYEPISSGLITTER Studio.

Candy x Foxy Brown via EYEPISSGLITTER Studio.

Vinyl Record Revenues Have Surpassed Free Streaming Services Like Spotify.

This was very surprising to me. As much as I buy records, finding out people are buying these and spending more than they spend on Spotify (my other favorite spot) was very interesting but also very encouraging. Stay tuned and see what other surprises I found about vinyl via Wow247.

Read more here.


DESIGN | Dreams Are Rea: I Did An Art Exhibit With Xavier Payne & It's LITesha Campbell

I had a dream I was who I am becoming. Or maybe not a dream but it wasn't too long ago that I told my Mama (Dance In Heaven) that when I grow up I want to be an artist, correction, "The first African-American artist," I think I was trying to say I wanted to be me African-American and a unique artist as far as my work. Later it became, archaeologist, Egyptologist, fashion designer, ballerina, ninja, talk show host, magazine editor and yeah, these were my career dream lists in fourth grade.

Fast forward to now a great exhibit at Blend Studios (79 Arcade Building, Nashville, TN) put on by the great Xavier Payne, one of my favorite artists of all time featuring the dope sounds of DJ i75 and a few pieces from myself. I was extremely honored, humbled and grateful. I got to step in to Xavier's world and mix my own with it. 

We worked together previously on the Liberty Barber Boutique project (#FreeEnergi| Good Karma In Effect) and with the best event going on in Nashville, THE SET, by Protect The Culture a subsidiary of 2LsOnAcloud. Get ready for the December edition for that too!

In conclusion, it's not too late. Check out our exhibit from now until November 30.


DESIGN | A Few Pieces You'll Want From The Target Holiday 2015 Home Collection

It's about that time, you know, inviting the family over for dinner. But before you do that take the little ones out for Trick or Treats or take yourself out and party with friends on Halloween. But let's fast forward to dinner and a great ambiance.

I'm excited because Target has finally revealed its 2015 Holiday collection. Take a look at some of my favorite pieces that will definitely be added to my home.