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DESIGN | Project Make My Chair Match My Curtains



There's nothing like adding your own touch to your home, I mean it is YOUR personal space right? One of my favorite new vices is the touch of mixing the old with the new. In this case, it's re-upholstery. The crafting of it is simply relaxing with hardcore (no Lil' Kim) work. Seeing the end result is a definite WOW factor.



My first upholstery client in Nashville really set the bar. She wanted to turn a dining room chair into a piece that was welcoming and had the fun factor that matched her curtains. I was into the project immediately. Most of the work was taking it apart and the most fun. Next it was measuring and making sure I had every part of the chair tight but not too tight.

Seeing it come together was magical. The end result, a happy client and a designer that wanted to keep the chair. 

It's almost my turn, on the hunt for a cool chair and a fun fabric to complement the cribnasium.

Question of the Day

What dream fabric would you add to a chair?

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