EYEPISSGLITTER Studio + Conversations of Travel & Performing w/Burman

What is your favorite place to create?


BurmanI create at the lake more than anywhere. Usually just go post up by the water with a few blunts and let nature inspire me.

What are your must have travel essentials?

Burman: Always gotta have good company. Goodmusic for the trip there and your adventures. Of course some good herb. And a camera.

Why is traveling so important to you?

Burman: Sometimes you can get caught up in the same culture of scene and not get to see what other have to offer. Nothing is worse than a closed mind, that's why traveling is important to me.


Why is this particular show important to you?

Burman: Being the new comer to the scene. I've sat at shows in all the Nashville venues and said to myself that I'm gonna perform there one day. Mercy lounge is a big deal to me. I've always wanted to perform there. I get to scratch that off my list. Also Kiya Lacey is someone I've grown closer to and a year ago I told her we'd have a show together one day. And yeah that's happening also.

What song are you looking forward to performing the most at #NextFriday?

Burman: All of them. I love performing my whole set. I'm big on crowd participation so each song has call and response or heavy interaction with the crowd.


#eyeADVENTURE Photo Contest Challenge 1 | Share a place that inspires you

Inspiration comes from all over. Whether you're at your favorite coffee or tea shop, working out at spin class or across the globe in a hammock watching the clouds; you may find yourself saying eureka (I've actually said this once) or it's LIT because that certain placed sparked an idea.

Well now share it with us. Where is it and why there? Winner will be announced Sunday. And don't forget, I will repost the best and winner gets an exclusive EYEPISSGLITTER goodie.



#eyeADVENTURE Share Your Travels Photo Contest

So I'm sure after you kept seeing the word #eyeADVENTURE, you thought, what is it exactly? It's finally the day I get to tell you! I've noticed from photos and stories, that 2016 has been a great year for travel! The year isn't over but I've come across so many great stories from friends and it made me think back to my adventures this year as well. From Rio De Janeiro to New Orleans, to Las Vegas to Los Angeles to Phoenix and all away back to New York to Tennessee; it's been a wild ride. 


But enough about my stories I want to know your favorite places. Where are you finding inspiration? What are you eating? What's your favorite restaurant? Let me know and the best photo gets a sample of my next collection before it comes out.Now don't think, I didn't go out of the country, I didn't leave the state," there are plenty of cool places in your city. Introduce us. Get Ready for Week 1!

NOTE: This contest is via TWITTER. FACEBOOK. INSTAGRAM. Just hashtag #eyeADVENTURE

*How To Play*

  • Read the challenge

  • Scroll through your thousands of pictures in your phone, choose one.

  • Upload to your Instagram, Facebook or Twitter

  • Hashtag using #eyeADVENTURE

  • Each Sunday, a winner will be announced and photo posted on the EYEPISSGLITTER Instagram


DESIGN | A Visit To The Pop Art Side of The Nevada Desert

The MooMoo Girls Minus One. 

The MooMoo Girls Minus One. 

As soon as I saw The Seven Magic Mountains via Instagram I added it to my list of must-sees. I was immediately intrigued and besides being excited to see them, I wondered why they were built in the first place. After doing my research I found out artist Ugo Rondinone was the creator and this was the big version of some of his most famous works. The Swiss born artist doesn't have one specific medium that he uses. But my favorite besides the Seven Magic Mountains is the Spirited, Blue Mountains. I like them because they remind me of Stonehenge.


Check out some of Ugo Rondinone's work. If you've never heard of him, here's a great start with the Seven Magic Mountains. The exhibit is seven, 30 to 35 feet dayglow totems comprised of painted, locally-sourced boulders. The exhibit is a two year exhibit and it's outside of the Las Vegas desert. Check it out next time you're in Nevada, take a picture and tag it #eyeADVENTURE.