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Mike Floss Shares Travel Tips, Why The Last Song He Recorded May Never Come Out & His Motto Of The Moment

If you've noticed, EYEPISSGLITTER is becoming the ultimate domaine for all things travel that you can actual relate to. Now I do recommend an adventure to Rio de Janeiro with your favorite cousins, but if you want to start a little at a time, visit your local art gallery, or a new tea shop for a new surrounding. 

But let's get jiggy, that had little to do with this latest feature. I always wonder about the travel side when it comes to recording artists. What are they seeing, what are they eating, and if they're not in the city for too long what makes it different from others. Check out this very interesting Q&A with Nashville Native (pun intended because he's on the May 2016 cover) about his travels, must have essentials and the most important thing you should know RIGHT NOW.

What is your favorite place to create?

Musically, I like creating in the studio without preparation. I want to hear the music for the first time in that environment and get right on it.

What are you starting to realize as you navigate your way through the industry?

The devil comes in all shapes and sizes.


What is your favorite place to eat while traveling?

Anywhere local, ideally with flavored wings.  The key is to avoid any place you can get in Nashville.

What's the most fascinating thing about your hometown?

Jimi Hendrix learned to play guitar here.

What's the most interesting place you've been and why?

Boulder, CO because the land literally looks fake. like a movie set. It's a crazy place to see.

What song have you created on the road? What place inspired a song you wrote?

I'm constantly writing so it's really hard to remember which songs were written where. I know I wrote Dopeboy Dreaming in Atlanta, and that was inspired by Nashville.

What are your must have travel essentials?


 MacBook, phone charger, Bred 1s, Adidas Slides, headphones

What was the last book you read?


Last book I read was probably the lyrics to Lupe Fiasco's The Coolest. I don't read books often, but it felt like I did, reading that.

What was the last song you recorded?

Last song I recorded iscalled Scratch Offs. It may never come out because I don't know how I feel about it yet. It might be amazing though.

How did your latest with Nesby Phips, BANG BANG, come about?


Me and Nesby did two tracks that night. I was in Atlanta playing a Street Execs show and the homie Karol connected us since we were both there. He pulled up to DTP where we were making all the music at that time and DJ Fu was playing beats. We did another song I can't really remember before we did Bang Bang and I think I just flexed on it, nothing too crazy. Then I remember Fu playing the guitar lick from Bang Bang. I think maybe half the beat was done and the melody came to me pretty quick. The crazy thing is this was done a year before it came out, the police brutality issue in America has only gotten worse since then.

Vinyl vs. Streaming; the evolution of music. What are your views on it?

Streaming is fye. I like vinyl mainly for the large covers and just having like a cool vibe you can set in the crib if you play vinyl. but streaming just makes the most sense. aux chords are better than scratched CDs on long drives. The 2 downsides to streaming is that most streaming platforms pay hundredths of a penny for a stream so it takes a ton of streams for an artist to make any money. The other thing is when a platform gets an exclusive release. Like if Frank Ocean or Beyonce drops exclusively on a streaming platform I have to wait a couple weeks to get the music if I use a different service. But streaming just makes the most sense because we're all addicted to our phones. Might as well have endless music on them.

What's the most important thing you want everyone to know at this very moment?


Man, drink water and stop eating McDonald's. Be patient and stay healthy.