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Ever so often we'll take you into the studios of various creatives. First our first installment we visit EYEPISSGLITTER Studio with visual artist, KianaGirl. We find out what inspires KianaGirl, why she prefers, Rihanna's Umbrella over Juvenile's U Understand and what gives her a Godlike feeling.


When did you know that art, specifically visual art was your calling?


Art has been a hobby of mine for about 11 years, but i didn't start taking myself seriously until here recently. In August of 2015, I found myself single mother of one, living out of my car, with a very low paying job;


I hence turned to painting to make a little extra cash and completly feel in love with it!

Describe your process i.e. getting ready, are you listening to music, if so what?

Usually it takes me many hours or even days of mental preparation to even come up with my message or visiom for a piece. After sketching out what I want to create, I just listen to music and paint.


I'm usually listening to Drake, Roy Woods, Alina Baraz, Wilx, Alocodaman or Tate. I've got a pretty open mind when it comes to my music lol.

Most annoying thing you've encountered while creating?


Time..and never having enough of it. I have a full time job as a teacher, I'm a single mom, and an artist. When I'm painting it's usually at 3 am on a weeknight and I have to clock in at work a couple hours later.

It's frustrating to have so much motivation and no time to use it!

What's your favorite part about painting?


Wow, can I say everything?? Okay my actual favorite part of painting would have to be mixing colors, which is an art in itself.

Taking different pigments and infusing them together to create new ones is an absolute God-like feeling.

Is there a place you go for inspiration?

Whenever I get a chance to travel I absolutely love visiting botanical gardens, I get so much inspiration in natural beauty that surrounds us.

Rihanna's Umbrella vs. Juvenile's U Understand, which is your most favorite and why?

Definitely Rihanna's Umbrella. I'm such a hopeless romantic lol, I love anything that has to do with love and romance. It's a beautiful thing.