DESIGN | How To Incorporate Neon Lighting In Your Cribnasium

I'm sure we've all been to some really cool places, I'm talking swanky to the max. Whether you're visiting a museum, at the club, the salon or a office visit; I'm sure bright colors capture your attention. Besides going to 1OAKNYC for an incredibly dope night, rather a few nights, my favorite part besides the blaring bass was seeing the Ended Up At 1OAK sign.

But I keep thinking I love neon lights and I'm sure you do too. They're fun, welcoming and just give off a vibrant vibe to wherever you are. How do you incorporate it in your home though? Simple. It's a piece of art. Make it a focal point, whether you frame, post it on a wall or put it on the floor its sure to be a notice. 

One of my favorite companies that make it apart of their lifestyle, as well as creating your favorite must stop spots signs is Let There Be Neon.They've done everything from SoulCycle to personal homes.

Take a look at my favorites and let me know, would you put some in your cribnasium?


DESIGN | A Few Pieces You'll Want From The Target Holiday 2015 Home Collection

It's about that time, you know, inviting the family over for dinner. But before you do that take the little ones out for Trick or Treats or take yourself out and party with friends on Halloween. But let's fast forward to dinner and a great ambiance.

I'm excited because Target has finally revealed its 2015 Holiday collection. Take a look at some of my favorite pieces that will definitely be added to my home.


DESIGN | Events: Street Execs Presents A3C Media Mixer : Interior Design: EYEPISSGLITTER Studio

This is really exciting, but now the work comes in. After really getting into interior design for the past few years, I made it a goal of mine to do the interior design for a recording studio. As much as I love music and as much as it influences my design, it would be a dream to showcase just that and more in a recording studio. Besides the toilet, shower and a festival being a huge place of inspiration for me, I always find myself in a recording studio vibing out with other artists. 

Now, don't get it twisted, I'm not spitting a hot 16 while I'm there, or trying to get on the boards, but I am observing and taking it all in. While I'm there I may write a little bit and may even sketch some. But the magic happens when I get home. 

This time I get to bring that magic to the studio and not just any studio, but Street Execs home to TityBoi (yes I still refer to 2Chainz as Tityboi), Travis Porter, Bankroll Fresh, Snootie Wild, Cap 1, Short Dawg and a house of producers. Special thank to Lacy for connecting with me, perfect timing and I cannot wait to show what I can do.

P.S. This will be all custom pieces. Get Ready. 

All Media Is Invited. Must RSVP in order to enter the event! RSVP by sending a email to


DESIGN | All Gold Everything. Autumn Home Decor Finds {Under $50}

It's almost that time, no it really is. Summer is saying goodbye slowly but surely and although I am a lover of all things hot especially the weather I do find comfort in Fall decor. Now let's not get to crazy about thinking uniform or a certain look that screams Fall, but there are a few elements that make us think of leaves changing color and turning our vests into leather jackets.

Not only did I find a few great pieces that you will want to have for Fall but they all just happen to be under 

Geometric Votive Holder $15

Did anyone say gold? Better yet a a geometric shape, it's time to put our candles in something a little more interesting. 

Dark Conical Lampshade $49.90

All about texture over here and this lampshade not only says style, but added detail makes it a classic keeper. 

Hay Clip Clip $7

Again, I love gold and let's step away from the old plastic clips. I know you know what I'm talking about. These gold ones are cute and they're durable.

Read This If You Want To Take Great Photographs $17

Your coffee table needs company. Instead of your magazines this year (I'm sure you have plenty of the September issues) switch of the game with some great books. This one is pretty cool.

Salud Toasting Flutes $39

I have been wanting these for the longest. As an avid lover of champagne these are very much needed.

Coachella Breeze $24

It just goes with gold...duh:)


DESIGN | The Kind of Wedding Decor Makes You Want To Say I Do Yesterday

We can all say nothing is more beautiful than love and seeing a sample of what it can look like physically, such as a wedding of this caliber is a sight to see. I had the honor of tagging along with The Mixtape Diva herself, DJ Jazzy T to be the music curator for the wedding. Not only was it a beautiful wedding but it took place in the Country Music Hall of Fame and Museum with a glorious view. 

From the seating to the table setting, colors were vibrant, neat and not over the top. Take a view at some more of the wedding here. Maybe this will give you ladies and gentlemen a few ideas.


DESIGN | THE SET: Dope Beats & Eats Presented by Protect The Culture: What Should I Do

First, I must say I am truly honored but I can't front, I'm more excited about dancing, eating great food and enjoy beautiful and vibrant people. The added bonus is showcasing my work. Another important thing to point out is I'm creating pieces especially for the event. Can you imagine food, 90s and of course "now" music and great art. 

Protect The Culture. 2LsOnACloud. Nashville. Queen Art Collective. DJ True Starr. Spreadluv. XpayneArt.

Protect The Culture. 2LsOnACloud. Nashville. Queen Art Collective. DJ True Starr. Spreadluv. XpayneArt.

I really admire the movement that 2LsOnACloud's creator D'llisha Davis is evolving with Protect The Culture because that's exactly what is being done. When you throw events such as this one it doesn't limit the crowd it fuses the music, food and art lovers, so this shall be one not to miss.

Stay tuned with my process and see what I make for the event.


DESIGN | NoThemePink Collection Mixtape Curated By ThePrblms Mix By DJ Jazzy T

I always like to do something a little more fun and in this case make a big impact by providing fam (you) with an experience. Sharing is caring, so I took it up a notch by not only having dope pillows that match the Coachella adventure my cousin Empress and I had but also the soundtrack that held us down.

Of course I invited a few more friends along for the ride that happen to be some explosively creators themselves. I had to call upon ThePrblms for his unique skills of visuals and for a track taking hints from Trick Daddy & Trina's Nann (you'll hear it and want to blast). But then I had to call up The Mixtape Diva DJ Jazzy T for the ultimate mixing skills aka Transitions on Fleek aka 101.1 The Beat Nashville aka Weekend At Jazzy T's, for her superb ear for what flows.

In the end, the vibe was captured and now we present to you

The NoThemePink Collection Mixtape.


DESIGN | How To Turn Your Studio Apartment Into An Oasis

Let's just get this clear, having a studio apartment doesn't put a limit on what you can do when it comes to adding your style. It actually maximizes because you have a perfect view of where you want to place everything. It can be welcoming, comfortable and a place that expresses you to a T.

Here are a few tips to try out when decorating your studio apartment.

Bright Neutrals

Is that even possible? Actually it is and when you use lighter hues you tend to allow more light in and create a huge space!

Utilize Your Chairs.

Not only can seating serve as your favorite comfortable spot but it can also be a place where you want to stash your record player or a cup of tea.

Repeat For Cohesiveness.

Never too much *Luther Vandross voice*. Once you find your main color, go ahead and use it; and do repeat. Try in table and frames for a pinch and big scoop of color and focus.

Quiet Time Spot.

There's nothing like a place to call your own, in a place you call your own. Although you have what seems like limited space, a new take on simplicity such as a quaint chair, pillow and life (plant) will make all the difference.


DESIGN | How To Properly Decorate With Poppin' Wallpaper

So you decided to take a new route. You're skipping the whole paint and trying something new...wallpaper? Yes, wallpaper. There are so many things you can do with wallpaper. In my previous post I suggested a new edge to the classic "Rapper Wall"; you remember that blank space that you used and posted pictures and posters of your favorite music artists and even some of your favorite ads? Well you were pretty much doing you're own version of wallpaper. 

Companies like Flavor PaperFlat Vernacular and of course EYEPISSGLITTER Studio takes wallpaper to a new level with fun, classic and pop art styles of what you always wanted in your home. But, again there is a method to madness. In this case it depends on what you want. You can start with the wallpaper itself. Choose the color, pattern and feel of what you want. This can be a great lead into what you want as far as the style of furniture. 

Flat Vernacular

Flat Vernacular

Also, you may note you may not want to go this route because you may be renting; no problem. With technology on the rise in home decor it made its rounds in wallpaper as well. So if you want something temporary you can always goes go for a peel vinyl wallpaper.

Gucci In Paris. EYEPISSGLITTER Studio

Gucci In Paris. EYEPISSGLITTER Studio


DESIGN | When Metallic Paint Goes Right via Project Liberty Barber Boutique

At one point in time we've all had our experience with metallic paint whether it was with an arts in craft project, a crazy weekend at a music festival or

in my case a dream project; Liberty Barber Boutique.

The color scheme is black and gold with a cool mixture of industrial and a modern edge. Think a classic barbershop with a spin, the fact that it is more than your average barbershop. But before we take it all the way there, a notification of supplies must be noted. One of the prime supplies is the heavily metallic gold paint seen throughout the shop. The client decided on the Ralph Lauren Metallic Gold with no use of primer and it works! Take a look and get ready for more. 

Price: $47USD


DESIGN | How To Make It Not Look Like Your Parents Decorated Your Cribnasium

We can't help that we've been heavily influenced by our peers. In most cases, this isn't a bad things especially when it comes to our MAMA (I love you; Dance In Peace). But you're finally on your own and if you wanted, you could put that huge poster of Puff Daddy (insert your favorite) in the kitchen.

Now, let's chill, you really could but you've been with your parents and it seems as if you have to take the more "mature" approach; not a problem. A sprinkle of the more grown you, a splash of Mama and of course that piece you've always wanted in your home.

Here's a few tips on How To Express Yourself In Your Home:

Start With Your Favorite Quote

You can showcase this on a painting or wall stickers.

A Pop of Color

Whether you like neutrals or vibrant colors you can start with your favorite and let it be known throughout your cribnasium.  

Pillow Poppin On A Handstand

Well of course pillows make all the difference . Just think your sofa and favorite Tweeting chair can have a major style upgrade with just an addition of a pillow.

The Ole Rapper Wall

If you were a 90s Hip-Hop fanatic or a music fan in any sense, you probably had your wall covered in Jay-Z, Lil' Kim and/or B2K. But I had to step it up, get your wallpaper up.


DESIGN| Meet Tatalicious of The NoThemePink Collection

Tatalicious Pillow & Pouch.

Tatalicious Pillow & Pouch.

Every year gets better at Coachella, especially because it has become my birthday tradition.  Instead of creating a collection out of thin air, I decided to go full throttle with my adventure at Coachella and it inspired the entire NoThemePink collection.'

The collection features four pillows influenced by the Coachella Music and Arts Festival as well as the experience there.

Let me introduce you to Tatalicious.

So this was the first full day of Coachella. Waking up at 7AM and being the only one up, going straight to the pool because it was already 99 degrees but the feeling was already estatic. Just a day after celebrating another year of life I was ready to dive into La Quinta, Indio, Palm Springs and Coachella California.

After a great brunch it was time...Welcome to Coachella and Tatalicious.


DESIGN | What Is A Conversational Piece?

We're always surrounded by beauty and we can always converse about it! But there's nothing wrong with adding your own beauty around especially in your home. I like to call this Conversational Pieces. Think of that time you were at your favorite restaurant and spotted a hanging bicycle on the ceiling or glass mason jars instead of regular glasses, those are what we call conversational pieces.

Tatalicious Pillow x Pouch.

Tatalicious Pillow x Pouch.

I like to make sure each piece I make brings about a feeling, experience and can make you converse about current and past events.

I challenge you to take a look around your home now and tell me what your Conversational Piece.


DESIGN | Adding Color to Your Living Room

When it comes to a nice change to a room, specifically the living room; a pop of color always helps. Traditionally, your loft, condo, apartment and/or home will already have white, cream or grey walls. But that doesn't mean you have to keep it simple or go plain Jane/John. Additionally color keeps the home fresh, fragrant and allows for conversation. Just think at the beginning and end of the day, our living area is that space for discussions and entertainment so why not have pieces that can start it for you.

Check out a few tips on how to add color to your living!

Start with a focal point.

Art is usually the best route, you can see what colors flow together and what you want to use. Endless options I always say.

Select More Than One.

Whether it's a selection of pillows, or in this case framed butterflies, you can really add a good amount of color without it looking like too much.

Bold Sofa

This is for the risk takers also ones that won't get sick of something bright. Instead of a black or white or even grey sofa, try blue even red because you can always neutralize your pillows.


DESIGN | Writer's Block vs. Get Your Umbrellas Out

Because, yes, that's when I brainstorm. In this case it was going down on paper. I went from writer's block to a flood of words, adjectives and heartfelt passion on paper. Let me go in a little more on that; I was to write and design an electronic press kit which means it has to have the ultimate introduction to the artist, The Biography. I ended up writing six of them for one person. Yes, 1-2-3-4-5 pause break six!

I finally nailed it. Now just waiting for the clients feedback...*insert Erykah Badu art quote*


DESIGN | Summer 2015 Series 1: NoThemePink Preview

It's finally here, well almost. But I always keep you covered with a sneak peek of things. Earlier this week I gave you a taste of Coachella via the lovely TaliaaBella with the travel/makeup pouches. 

But today we shot the actual lookbook for The Summer 2015 Series 1 Collection, NoThemePink! Shot by the lovely and talented Minnie Morkie, we went for an ultra cool Coachella vibe, because of course that's what it is based off!  I didn't want to give too much but here's a shot of two of the...pillows in the collection. Nashville was also very welcoming to EYEPISSGLITTER today, during a pit stop in Germantown at Wilder. Now if you haven't looked them up yet, make sure you. It's a new lifestyle boutique that happens to house uniquely designed home decor pieces. I definitely want to be a part of everything they have going on! Any who, take a gander at some flics from behind the scenes today. 

EYEPISSGLITTER Summer 2015 Collection 

Series 1: NoThemePink

In Stores June 2015


DESIGN | Reflections of The Past While Gearing Up For Summer 2015.

It's no secret Summer is truly my favorite season. I like Spring but I LOVE Summer with all of my heart. That crisp warmth of the summer, a small breeze and sweat (yes, sweat) is pure divinity for me. 

As I prepare for a great Summer season weather wise, I also look forward to a vibrant collection for EYEPISSGLITTER that reflects that as well. The collection is pure JOY, no really it's vibrant in colors, definitely conversation pieces. It's very NYC, very Phoenix, very Palm Springs, very Coachella, but very EYEPISSGLITTER.


Before showcasing the new, I have to appreciate the vintage. One of my favorite pieces still is the signature logo lounge top. It's warm, pima cotton and perfect for a chilly beach not or in the house. After all I create homeWEAR. 

Another dope piece is none other than the Gucci In Paris lamp and pillow. Designed by one of the illest artists ever, ThePrblms I saw the Gucci Mane print more than a print. It needed to be everywhere hence our collaboration. The lovely Ginelle is one of the first to make the new piece a part of her home. I'm excited.


DESIGN | The Nasty Gal x VANS Collaboration That Screams Spring In Los Angeles

It's always nice to hear of a great collaboration. Nasty Gal is no stranger to it and neither is the fun and classic sneaker brand, VANS. The two collaborate for two funky styles that I'm loving. I've definitely been a fan of platform kicks since my Spice Girl days, so I'm definitely for these. If you're not much for the classic high-top with the platform...

check out the classic laceless slide ons. Either way you'll definitely in love. They range from $75 to $90. Get your pair here.


DESIGN | HLZ BLZ Implements The New Wave of Lookbooks w/the DIGI-CULT Collection

With fashion changing almost daily so does the presentation of it. Most of us are very familiar with international fashion week, especially Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week of New York, Milan, Paris, London, Japan and more. When it comes to streetwear, designers seek other avenues to present their lines to the masses; hence trade shows. Straight to the eyes of boutique and retail owners, tastemakers and a dibble and dabble of consumers. One of my favorite trade shows to attend is AGENDA, whether it be in New York, California, Las Vegas, I always like to make my way there (or send someone for me).

One brand that seems to always hold it down, especially the ladies, is HLZBLZ.

I'm sure you've caught your favorite "Good Girl Gone Bad" Rihanna, "Picture Perfect" Beyonce and favorite new comer to the scene Bay Area's Kehlani rocking various pieces from the brand.

Based in the 213, they have recently launched their latest collection Digi-Cult for Spring/Summer 2015. As most brands do, a lookbook is released for us media crew, fashionistas and anyone who wants to get a few tips on how to rock it.

For the most part I've received various lookbooks  in the past few months of brands announcing their new collections for upcoming seasons and it's been the same dull face, muted colors or let's not smile and attempt to pull the Mr. West motto look. But HLZBLZ seemed to take a fun turn and mash the digital and fashion world up to create an eye-catching lookbook. Taking a spin on todays youth we've become so accustomed to instant gratification it's almost a why not have it on our clothes.

The second installment of the Spring 2015 HLZBLZ collection features blends of technology and media inspired prints added to our everyday favorite pieces like hockey jerseys, t-shirts and more. Take an entire look at the new collection, because it's officially available!