BUSINESS: BEYONCE Takes Topshop Into Her Own Hands; Ownership vs. Collaboration

No, really. She's been spotted heavily on Instagram rocking various pieces of Topshop, so it's only right that she takes a 50/50 joint venture company, Parkwood Topshop Athletic Ltd. So in short, Beyonce will be producing an athletic brand with Topshop that will launch in stores and online Fall/Winter 2015. Seems far from now, but of course the pieces are being made, yet today the actual deal will be unveiled in whole.

Make no mistake this is far from just a collaboration, this is Beyonce overload.

All of those Paris and London photos all add up now, I'd move closer to my new business if I were her too.

"I have always loved Topshop for their fashion credentials and forward thinking," Beyonce said.

Stay tuned for more today:)