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When Mexico Meets Geometry It Becomes A Pattern Party

When I flew to Arizona this past month I had no idea I would find so many great fabrics. At the time all that was on my mind was spending time with my sisters (Asia & Krishna), the celebration of living another year and of course COACHELLA! 

Before getting to Coachella and the journey to Los Angeles, California, Asia made it her business to show me around Phoenix, Tempe, and Scottsdale. One of my favorite places there is definitely JoAnn's Fabric! I'm all for the fabric stores in NYC but when I can park the car and not have to pay, not to mention run in and out. I'm so down for it! Walking in I went with intentions just to get faux flowers to create my FlowerChild Crown for Coachella. I did that and discovered great fabrics. 

At the time I didn't purchase them, but I did pick up the swatches. Luckily, I kept them with me and now they will be a permanent fixture in someone's lucky home. I'll share, don't worry.