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Didn't Think I Could Afford To Live On My Own BC Of My Travel Addiction

Seriously, if you know me in real life, you know I live to live and living to me is seeing and feeling everything good which involves loads of traveling. It's become an addiction throughout my years on this earth, so much that I'll go without sleep like it's healthy. I've learned that you need rest though. However, I'm fake getting better at it for the time being. But it has a lot to do with me just leaving my home town and trying something totally different. So it's finally here. 

I've always dreamed of moving to a place where I didn't know anyone and nobody knew me. That's kind of the case here. I do have Asia, Krishna and Kenya here, but other than that it's just me. I've started working with a remarkable artist that the world is going to know in a few and then I landed my dream job. Even after that I was still scared that I wouldn't be able to stay in Arizona because those trips came with bills. I like to eat new foods when I travel too.

So it's finally here. After getting turned down to a few apartments I have one. No furniture yet, because I don't have the sewing machine (shout out to Bre sending me one/bestfriends/sisters forever:) but I'm very excited and honored to be alive in this world.

Shout out to Rodney & My mama. Phuk cancer.