LIFE | A 20 Second Read On What Made Bonnaroo Pop

So I can only write a little bit on the subject because, it's going to print  and my disposable cameras will be better but here's the breakdown.

  • Dancing until 5AM
  • Learning more about childhood friends than you can ever imagine
  • Spinning in circles and not getting dizzy.
  • Not knowing you're probably dehydrated.
  • Not trying to be cute, trying to survive the heat.
  • Infectious smiles.
  • Getting to know your crew.
  • Crying moments.
  • Laughing until your stomach hurts moments.
  • Being funky.
  • No judgement zone.
  • Car not being able to start.
  • Face timing the sh*t out of someone you adore because you wish they could have the experience too.
  • Disposable cameras on Fleek.
  • Sharing|Caring
  • Love
  • MillyRocking on every block.
  • FOOD everywhere.
  • Eating the same thing twice.
  • Meeting strangers that become friends.
  • Dancing like everyone/nobody is watching.
  • That community feel you may feel you've been missing.
  • Planning the next year while you're still there.