#eyeADVENTURE | That Time I Stepped In Mud In My Jellies At The Nashville Freedom Fest & The Fun Stuff

Nikki two bites and was done. 

Nikki two bites and was done. 

To believe it was scorching hot to the point I almost took my shirt off would be an understatement. But so quickly how things change, from my PEACHES Adventure tshirt turning dark green (because I was drenched in sweat) to a monsoon looking situation outside I wondered if the Freedom Fest would still pop off. With a change in time and some poppin’ music it was LIT! The un-FLEEK during the whole thing was stepping in mud, not just, "Oh she stepped in mud she has on sneakers, it's cool." No, I had on jellies and not just once but twice I stepped in the mud. Was it worth the fun I had though, yes.

Always that one dude that carries the snake around. It wasn't Rico though. 

Always that one dude that carries the snake around. It wasn't Rico though. 


Great energy from the crowd, visual artists and music artists, made the Nashville Freedom Festival stand out. Check out a few photos from it. Huge shout to Black City Management for putting on a great event. Check out photos below shot by Compass Creative.

Rico about to fake laugh at my joke that was only funny to me. 

Rico about to fake laugh at my joke that was only funny to me. 

Mike Floss & Stan on some Redman Method Man ish. 

Mike Floss & Stan on some Redman Method Man ish. 


#eyeADVENTURE | Five +1 Things You Missed At The Set 40oz Bounce Nashville Edition


No, really, as we get ready for the next one it's only right you know how it went down at the One-Year Anniversary of The Set. Responsible for curating house party, yet organized dope vibes, The Set has been putting together various themed parties that have made lovers of Hip-Hop really appreciate having a place to let it all out on the dance floor, take cool pictures to capture the moment, enjoy live art, great settings and to just be.

To celebrate one full year of good times, Protect The Culture turned it up a notch and collaborated with my fellow New Yorker, 40oz Van for The Set 40oz Bounce Nashville Edition and it turned out to be something quite special. Not wanting to rub it in your face we minimized the list of good times to the five ehh, six things you missed. Check them out below

And make sure you don't miss the next Set, September 16. 

  1. One of the best performances from Alocodaman I've ever seen (which 40oz Van got on staged and captured it on Snapchat)
  2. A completely sold out venue of 540 when the capacity calls for 500
  3. One of the most innovative photobooth designs from @idreaminblueray (2 Life sized, personalized Set 40s)
  4. Kamiayah's DJ... Ohso.... I mean she's DJ OHSO and a woman of dopeness. Such a great vibe with her was felt
  5. A true celebration of Nashville's hidden gem... Being in attendance literally made you capture the feeling of what it means to be 2 Live From the Set

Thanks D'llisha for sharing your favorite moments! This was a certified #eyeADVENTURE

MUSIC, Tot's Tunes

Tot's Tunes | August 1, 2016: Sanger's Room

I thought I would smooth it out this week. I'm still hyped over the release of Gucci's album, Everybody Looking. Starting the first Monday off in a new month (Nooo it's getting closer and closer to the cold; but that means we can rock burgundy super hard) it was only right to prepare for cuffin' season and showcase some talented singers and songwriters. Check it out!

Bellamoon - Teach Me

Nightrides..this would have been on BET Midnight Love. Bellamoon approaches the soothing production as a playful seduction, but "It's about to go down."

Drug - Villz ft. Pusha T

The first time I heard this song it was without either that time we were in Nashville at someone's apartment and at the time, Villz was showing us what is now the visual for Exposed. Or it might have been when DJ GB sent me a few songs from the upcoming project. Either way it didn't have Pusha T on it but I really liked it. Now with the new addition it's BONKERZ

The Last Outcast - The Prblms

It gives me Outkast vibes with the horns but a new feel. If you peep ThePrblms art, it definitely goes with it.

Bad Thing - Forte Bowie

Summer sweet (smile).

Familiar Energy - K. Roosevelt

I haven't heard him in so long then I stumbled on to this one.

CRZY - Kehlani

You can hear the passion in her voice on this one. We hear you Lani.

AudioArt - OgMuse

It is exactly what the title is, my favorite part begins on 2:20 and the song really sounds like the artwork. Birds chirping, art, and I can so see everyone, "I'm paid today, I'm Godly, I can't be bought, I'm sorry...I been fighting to long."

Tell Me - PJ ft. Jevon Doe

Really just tell me, because just one time is like ok, but then you may change your mind and I won't know. 

Come Back - Kamaiyah (Chopped n OhSlowed)

Yes, SWV's Always On My Mind sample but the joint goes and shout to DJ OhSo for the chopped n OhSlowed version.

IDGAF - Kiya Lacey

Kiya never disappoints. This came out awhile ago but still a favorite. It's so dope especially after the beat change.





The Visual Artist That Made The Gucci Print Famous Drops A Music Video

Every since I've had the honor of meeting The Prblms via NYC Soho Liebeskind JayDotRain Seafood City Thug Passion (you'll hear the story one day) his energy has always been out of this world and creative as phuk. We later went on to become family and did the collaboration together that you all love today GUCCI IN PARIS

The Prblms.

The Prblms.

But there's more, always finding the art in everything The Prblms hits us off with another art form, his music and a dope video. This is one of those videos you actually want to see to the end. Check out his debut performance video for FIJI. And yes, it does make you want to travel and the song sounds like what the video would look like.

Shop The Gucci In Paris products below.

Collaboration with Tuscaloosian artist, The Prblms and EYEPISSGLITTER both share a love of creative design and Gucci Mane. What started as a print to frame turned into lampshade, wallpaper and now the limited edition pillow, travel pouch and laptop case Gucci In Paris.

100% Linen Cotton Canvas

Interior: Elephant blk/pink texture

Dry Clean Only

Made with my bare hands (handmade)

Limited Edition





LIFE | Top Five Songs w/Bounce That You Should Download

As we pack our favorite accessories, swimsuits, and head to the West Coast we have to make sure we have the right soundtrack that serves as a pre-game and ultimate soundtrack for our road trip and time there. Check out 

Day Ones x Rochelle Jordan

There's nothing like having a bounce to a song, but an unexpected bounce is a huge treat. RoJo (Rochelle Jordan) does it with an angelic voice that seems effortless. Instead of doing a comparison of the light, kind-hearted voices of our great Baby Girl Aaliyah, meaningful words and soulfulness of Amerie; I must mention how relatable the tracks on 1021 are. But Day Ones describes for your real friends, not the phony ones. Definitely a song to be blasted on a summer day on the way to a cookout where you'll see everyone, or in my case COACHELLA!

Gotta Do x Wave Chapelle

If you could put ambition on a beat with instrumental this would be it. Knowing Wave for consistency I wasn't surprised Gotta Do was going to be poppin'. Something is fun an artist on CMG that doesn't have quite the normal "street cred" but street cred for being himself.

I Know x Kiya Lacey featuring PETTY

Getting to hear this before it was put out for the masses to stream and vibe to it, probably has a lot to do with why I like it so much. It could be that it's very relatable and also has a great voice with writing to boot. Not as bouncy as the others, but Nashville native Kiya Lacey seems to know (pun intended)  what she wants in the matters of love even though it may not be right at the time. Press play for your pleasure.

New New x Ryan Leslie

Every time I listen to something new from Ryan Leslie, it always makes me think of a nice sunny day, no matter if it's freezing cold and snowing. That's how you know music is good. This time New New gives a bounce and a bit of bragging points. Cool, keen and summer ready it's an automatic keeper for the spring time.

Dozen x Jay Dot Rain

When a Wu-Tang sample is used, you automatically get attention but when it's used properly it has the possibility of being the Summer anthem with the right push. First thoughts listening to Dozen is where is this going and please don't mess it up, second thoughts, "This GOES!" It also reminds me of 50 Deep, you remember the FUBU song with the counting, yes that one, but modernize. Bass loaded and bounce ready for your whip.

Stay Tuned Next Week. Remember Festival Season Is Upon Us.