#blkcreatives Happy Hour In Houston | Find Out What Made It So Special via @bornceo & @mike_mogul


There's so much going on in the world, especially events where millennials can mingle, network and express themselves. It just so happens, the go to online hub for Black creatives, BlkCreatives is starting a series of happenings that combine all of that in the physical environment. For its first installment they took the Happy Hour to Houston. I got the scoop from Monica of Born Identity Project on just how it went. She and Mike hosted the event that from the photos, looks like an amazing turn out. But I needed the real deal...what made it so special. Check it out straight from the source.


Hosting the blkcreatives HH kick-off meant a lot for the city of Houston as the 4th largest city in the US too often do we get overlooked for our creative ability and talent.


Hosting the mixer was also a great way to for me personally to build my professional network with like minded creatives who share in the pursuit of greatness.



The #blkcreatives HH also provided another opportunity to help a friend and business peer bring their vision to reality. Being able to support the founder of #BlkCreatives and push her brand forward in a new market was a honor.


Simply being able to have open dialogue and connect with people who are equally inspiring was a breath of fresh air.

Stay tuned for more as Washington D.C. just had one and I hear, Nashville is on the way.


#eyePISSGLITTER | Cultural Festival Yoga On A Rooftop & More In Nashville This Weekend

So as I look around, I'm finding more and more exciting things to do in Nashville. If I can't be at everything, I'm sure someone I know will be. If you're in the area and looking for something to do this weekend before you get ready for the Beyonce concert on Sunday, check out a few activities that you and a few friends would enjoy. And tell them they've been EYEPISSGLITTER Certified!

Celebrate Nashville Cultural Festival


Food. Ok, there's more than food it's actually a great event to bring your kids, little cousins, or some children you know. If you decide not to, it's extra fun, food from every culture you can think of, art, performances and a park of love and people sharing and caring for their culture. It takes place at Centennial Park, Saturday 10AM-6PM.

Rooftop Yoga...Oh Yeah It's Free


And it just so happens to be the last one, since it is getting cold. I'm so sad I'm late finding out about this. But if you're lucky enough to RSVP and attend, have fun for me. It's at ACME, so you know it's going to be fun and they have drink specials! 

Saturday, October 1 10AM-11AM

Nashville Whiskey Festival


Yes, an entire festival of whiskey. Stay calm and say hydrated. There will be more than 60 whiskey producers and actual seminars to check out. Knowledge is power and if you want to know more about how it's made and the tastes, you should definitely go. Also, there will be a cigar bar, grown and sexy! Tickets are $100 VIP $150

Saturday, October 1 6:30PM-10:00PM

Beats & Brushes


I never get to go to any of the cool stuff, nope, just playing. But I have yet to attend the Beats & Brushes event. As we step into the cold crispy weather and get ready for a spooky Halloween, why not have some fun in the art realm. For this installment of Beats & Brushes they chose to do a tribute to Michael Jackson's Thriller. This should be really fun. More info here

Saturday, October 1 6:30PM

Homemade & Bound Nashville Festival


If you love Zines, independent published books, mini-comics and prints, this is the place for you this weekend. Watkins Community Education is a sponsor, so you know it's going to be full of great art! Local artists present their work via the series Stitches + Stories which showcase handmade books inspired by the healing power of art and storytelling. Sounds dope right. So go! 

September 30-October 1st

Art Crawl  


Every first Saturday of the month from 6PM-9PM you can get your life by meeting new people, viewing great art exhibits and of course the free wine. Being that I always find myself downtown in the Arcade this time I'll make my way in the Wedgewood/Houston neighborhood. Hope to see you there. 

Saturday, October 1  


#eyeADVENTURE | That Time I Stepped In Mud In My Jellies At The Nashville Freedom Fest & The Fun Stuff

Nikki two bites and was done. 

Nikki two bites and was done. 

To believe it was scorching hot to the point I almost took my shirt off would be an understatement. But so quickly how things change, from my PEACHES Adventure tshirt turning dark green (because I was drenched in sweat) to a monsoon looking situation outside I wondered if the Freedom Fest would still pop off. With a change in time and some poppin’ music it was LIT! The un-FLEEK during the whole thing was stepping in mud, not just, "Oh she stepped in mud she has on sneakers, it's cool." No, I had on jellies and not just once but twice I stepped in the mud. Was it worth the fun I had though, yes.

Always that one dude that carries the snake around. It wasn't Rico though. 

Always that one dude that carries the snake around. It wasn't Rico though. 


Great energy from the crowd, visual artists and music artists, made the Nashville Freedom Festival stand out. Check out a few photos from it. Huge shout to Black City Management for putting on a great event. Check out photos below shot by Compass Creative.

Rico about to fake laugh at my joke that was only funny to me. 

Rico about to fake laugh at my joke that was only funny to me. 

Mike Floss & Stan on some Redman Method Man ish. 

Mike Floss & Stan on some Redman Method Man ish. 


#eyeADVENTURE | If You Attend The Nashville Art Crawl You're Bound To Leave w/Gemz


One of the best on going events happening Nashville that I enjoy to the fullest has to be the Nashville Art Crawl.  Taking place every first Saturday of the month, bringing out more than 10,000 people it’s definitely a certified #eyeADVENTURE.

I’ve been blessed to be apart of the Nashville Art Crawl, back in December 2015. I joined one of my favorite artists and good friend, Xavier Payne at Blend Studio, located in the Arcade building.


SPEAKING OF | Mark your calendars for September 17; Payne will be hosting a pop up shop at Blend Studio featuring some new pieces as well.


On this particular art crawl I truly enjoyed myself; so many great people and new works of art had me so into the night. Check out a few pieces here.


#eyeADVENTURE | The Phoenix Zoo & Ear Hustling Monkeys


 "Hey do you want to go to the zoo?" Of course I say yes! Fatima, better known as the future veterinarian and the coolest little sister on the planet (yes, Asia, Kris, Bril,and Lorenzo; I'm claiming her too) made sure I got a little Sahara while back in Phoenix. It was 108 degrees so it was only right we made our way to see the beautiful animals and exquisite cacti.


  Besides sweating crazy and thinking about what were were going to eat after, it was a wonderful experience.

Check out a few photos below.  




#eyeADVENTURE | Five +1 Things You Missed At The Set 40oz Bounce Nashville Edition


No, really, as we get ready for the next one it's only right you know how it went down at the One-Year Anniversary of The Set. Responsible for curating house party, yet organized dope vibes, The Set has been putting together various themed parties that have made lovers of Hip-Hop really appreciate having a place to let it all out on the dance floor, take cool pictures to capture the moment, enjoy live art, great settings and to just be.

To celebrate one full year of good times, Protect The Culture turned it up a notch and collaborated with my fellow New Yorker, 40oz Van for The Set 40oz Bounce Nashville Edition and it turned out to be something quite special. Not wanting to rub it in your face we minimized the list of good times to the five ehh, six things you missed. Check them out below

And make sure you don't miss the next Set, September 16. 

  1. One of the best performances from Alocodaman I've ever seen (which 40oz Van got on staged and captured it on Snapchat)
  2. A completely sold out venue of 540 when the capacity calls for 500
  3. One of the most innovative photobooth designs from @idreaminblueray (2 Life sized, personalized Set 40s)
  4. Kamiayah's DJ... Ohso.... I mean she's DJ OHSO and a woman of dopeness. Such a great vibe with her was felt
  5. A true celebration of Nashville's hidden gem... Being in attendance literally made you capture the feeling of what it means to be 2 Live From the Set

Thanks D'llisha for sharing your favorite moments! This was a certified #eyeADVENTURE


#eyeADVENTURE | How The Nashville Flea Market Became The Most LIT Place


No really, from  my Adventure tee going from the light olive green to a dark green because it was drenched with my sweat to stepping in a huge puddle twice (with my Jellies) it was worth it. 

But the Nashville Flea Market was pretty exciting (washed statement)! Although I didn't find my succulients I did get manage to get Fittonias and Caladiums, which are beautiful! They just so happen to match the PEACHES Adventure Tee. It really became an adventure when Elliott and Reci met up with me, they finally got to see their work in print via the EYEPISSGLITTER look book.


I also managed to cop some dope records, one in particular caught my eye right away. The O'Jays Familt Reunion; my GRANDPA would play this song some mornings driving me to the train. I played it this morning and the warm crisp sounds made me think of all those good times together, yes I'm shedding a tear as I write this, but good tears. I miss him so much. Ok, this is getting teary but yes. Nice to have some good music on vinyl. Then I had to get Aunt Tina Turner and Janet, the artwork is amazing plus this is the album with Pleasure Principle.