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#eyePISSGLITTER | Mouth Adventure | Five Nashville Foodie Hot Spots

As the seasons begin to change so do our tastebuds, in this case it was only right to get a nice list started for some must stop spots. This time around, we're taking a trip to the Music City capital, Nashville, Tennessee. With so many new restaurants opening it may seem hard to keep up, but that's why you have EYEPISSGLITTER as your friendly guide. Now don't get sad if you don't see your favorite restaurant yet, believe me there are plenty of categories we have coming up, plus we'll sit directly with the owners to see what's best. 

Check out our ver first Mouth Adventure of five Nashville spots you want to check out...NOW!


I want everything. 

I want everything. 

Heard to be on of Nashville’s youngest fresh made to order bakery. This is a family owned bakery where it doesn’t use any GMO, chemical preservatives, hydro oils, or any artificial colors and flavors. It has been the talk in some of my Group Me with young alumni/professionals.


The mimosas though. 

The mimosas though. 

Nice laid back Mexican Cuisine. Includes top shelf/premium tequila. They have happy hour on select days. Also they have a lovely balcony/patio if you ever want to cool out after a long day of work.

PRINCE'S HOT CHICKEN - Ewing Lane & Murfreesboro Road

Tasty fire in my mouth. 

Tasty fire in my mouth. 

The FIRST Nashville Hot chicken joint. You can go to this place for lunch, dinner, or after the club. The one on Ewing Lane stays open until about 1 am. You will not be disappointed. If you are a lover of REAL hot chicken look no further.

CLYDE'S - Church Street

I beat everyone in UNO here. 

I beat everyone in UNO here. 

Newly opened sports bar theme. When I say sports bar I am meaning ping pong tables and other game stations. It is a laid back vibe, not too loud or not too quiet. They have a wonderful food menu. It is jumping during happy hour or on Friday or Saturday nights.


After The Set. 

After The Set. 

Located in the heart of 5 points, here is a pizza place that you must try. Handmade from scratch pizza. It is made to order. SO you will not be disappointed.

Reviewed By Breanna Dickey 

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Open Up Your Cribnasium For A Personal Cinco De Mayo Celebration

With only a few days left, it's time for us to prepare for Cinco De Mayo (Cinco De Ciera, if you're my best friend). While some of us want to go out and socialize at the nearest bar with drink specials, some of us are ready to open up our homes for a more personal feel. But just how do we make it inviting, personal but party a party scene. Easy, be you!  First, since it is the a new month, welcome in new colors. 

In this case we're going for hot pinks, oceanic blues, deep greens and a for sunshine a bright yellow. Just in case you don't have to many of the decorations that you want, do remember the food is full of colors as well. Just think, blue corn chips, fresh avocado and beautiful flowers for garnish. You'll be just fine. 

Check out some more tips here.

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The Radiant Orchid Rage: How The Pantone Color of The Year Makes Sense In Your Home

Yes, I colored my hair radiant orchid via the best hair stylist, Mikey. But I really do love purple, more specifically, Radiant Orchid that happens to be the color of the year. There are so many great ways you can not only wear the color but have it in your home. With so many shades of purple I couldn't narrow it down to one. But I did give you a few rooms you can introduce your new love of Radiant Orchid.

From the kitchen to bedroom and back to the office a little goes a long way. 

via: DomaineHome

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Dishes For The Bishes. Bring NYFW To Your Kitchen.

New York Fashion Week is in full swing even with the snow. But after having the honor of working with it since I was a freshman in college has me a bit over. Ok, not really over it, but when temperatures are not in at least the upper 60s and it's snow everywhere, I am very discouraged about participating and anything having to do with the festivities of fashion week. I'm so down for live-stream though.

If you're like me and not feeling the weather you know there are alternatives to the most fashionable week in New York. Let's get straight to it...Your Kitchen. I chose some of my favorites today. As you can see, they lack in color. I went for an abstract minimalist appeal. These are good year round because it goes with everything, plus they are eye catching. 


What's your favorite out of the three?

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Simple Sundays: Lovely Rustic Views

Somehow, someway, I'm turning into more of an outdoors person. Maybe the urge to venture out west more or maybe because I'm from the south. I had to showcase this lovely kitchen. I love the simplicity of it. Imagine the view. I'd love to create a really nice kitchen using natural materials. This is definitely inspiration.