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Tot's Tunes | August 8, 2016: Desert Vibes

Since being in the desert for the past week I've been listening to everything from TityBoi to Jerreau. From more mellow vibes to straight up LIT life (I mean I am in the city of flashing lights; Las Vegas). I may even have to do a part two to Desert Vibes because we took a quick Roadtrip to Los Angeles and then got a nice surprise when Teedra performed.  


Jerreau - Champagne (Oh Baby)

I first heard this when DJ Meel sent it to me for the Selective Hearing Music Club. I was so here for not only the music club, but that initial EP I first received set the tone. One of my favorites ion the album is Champagne. Just listen, you'll love it too.

Kehlani - Gangsta

Something to slow it down and it just went with the desert heat. Can't go wrong with Kehlani.

Rick Ross x Skrillex - Purple Lamborghini

This joint really got me wild!! It's when you know you're about to have fun. I love when Skrillex collaborates with rap artists.

2Chainz - Get Out The Bed

This is one of those songs you blast and point at people like you were in the studio when Tityboi made the song.

Mac Miller ft. Anderson Paak - Dang!

So smooth, so very smooth.

Lil' Yachty - Shoot Out The Roof

How can you be so hyped and so calm at the same time...this song.

Dreezy ft. Wale - Afford My Love

I almost forgot about Dreezy then that joint with Gucci Mane dropped so I listened more and found more songs I liked. Afford My Love features Wale and of course we get a good storyline.

Jay Dot Rain - Ball & G

Initially, I had Dozen on here but it's old but still a favorite, but Ball & G is starting to become a selection as well now. If you download the iTunes playlist I have Dozen on there. But this one was a good smooth driving song. Wavy in the desert.

The Game ft. Kendrick Lamar - On Me

Nope it's not that new but it's already a classic. From the Erykah Badu sample of On & On to the extensive wordplay from The Game and Kendrick, it hasn't stopped playing since Documentary 2 dropped.