Mouth Adventures: I'm a Sucker 4 BBQ...Is This Love?

Restaurant: Virgil’s BBQ

Where: Times Square area

Food: Smoke Wings x House Salad x Apple Pie.

Rating: 4/5 BabyPoppin’

It’s indeed a fact now, honestly I have never ate this much barbecue, not even since Memphis. Still sad that I’m missing the barbecue cook off at Memphis in May. However, I had a great meeting with official big home skillet Seneca. I didn’t know what to expect, because my barbecue competion now is comparing everything to Dinosaur BBQ (really just the mac & cheese).

But Seneca says, “Yo the wings!” So we ordered. Phukin AwesomeJuice! Took me back to Slick Pig’s! The taste…not too much smoke but just enough to savour the flavor of both the chicken and smoke flavor. Also, I will not leave out the house salad! I wanted French dressing, but since they didn’t have that I went to my usual Ranch. Now with Ranch you have to pray they don’t have too much pepper in it, or do the ol’ mayonaisse with pepper and call it Ranch.

Listen folks, I know my Ranch…and this BANG-A-Docious!!

So yeah, thanks Seneca and everyone, try it:)