eyeADVENTURE | #PartyOnABike Was Just That In Phoenix

It's no secret that one of my favorite cities on the planet is Phoenix, Arizona! Although it's been two years since I lived here and have been back I still don't know all of the "poppin" things to do.  What I do know is, Health is Wealth and when you're in the company of great people (in this case, my sisters Asia, Krishna, Kenya & Fatima) you can't not have a great time. 



This trip took us to #PartyOnABike aka spin class. I've been before, not to this particular one but I do remember I was starving afterwards.  


This was a great experience, minus my butt hurting which is probably a good thing it was LIT. Our spin class instructor Brynn had a dope playlist, great energy and was super supportive. So if you have no idea where to start for fun in Phoenix of any city rather, start with a good exercise class. You can't go wrong when it comes to getting your body right.