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LIFE | Bonnaroo 2017 Dates Have Been Announced & See What Made 2016 Bonnaroo Really Pop Off

So it's really LIT. No seriously. If you went to Bonnaroo I'm sure you feel like you're liked in sunshine, especially if you're just now using AC (it feels different). But even if you didn't go there's something so special about that too. 


If You Didn't Go Start Here

So it's Winter, I'm talking freezing cold (maybe not depending on where you are) but if it's not 90 degrees it's cold to me. I digress, each year since 2012 (never forget Asia when we had the day pass because you have the best customers ever) I have looked forward to another year of freedom, excitement and that community feel you have in college (or school period) that you think will never go away until you graduate.

Now, that you get the feels get why Bonnaroo 2016 made for the relaxation year of Bonnaroo but still left everyone refreshed and appreciative of a good time well spent.

If You Did Go Start Here

Oh My now, Lil Chano from 79th aka Chance The Rapper is Mayor of Bonnaroo!?! He really did four shows, he surprised himself with himself and us!! But let's get to the...



  • The Trapped In The Closet Sing Along (No really it was a giant karaoke of R. Kelly songs for pregame; next thing you know we're 23 chapters in). "Cuz he's my baby's daddy...daddy...daddy (echo)
  • The Coachella girls next to us. We didn't see them smile until the last day & that was after Jamilah made me socialize with them. They ended up being really cool, this was their first and last time at Bonnaroo.
  • Chance The Rapper surprising himself with us not only once during J Cole's set, not only during Bryson Tiller's set, not only during Miguel's magical set but also at Silent Disco.
  • Waking up naked because it was too hot to put on clothes.
  • Miguel.
  • Hermitude.
  • The Water slide even though we didn't get on it this time.
  • The Amish doughnuts.
  • The Amish pretzels.
  • First feel of air conditioner in the car.
  • Dancing to our own music as we waited for the storm to be over.
  • Eating shrimp and chips twice within an hour.
  • The alarms sounding off everything was postponed until the storm was clear. In that moment we were fake sad because we had SO much faith it wasn't going to last & it didn't. It ended up making for a great moment and giving us a little break.

Ok Pictures cuz it was LIT!! & Oh yea...

Bonnaroo 2017 June 8-11. See you on the farm.

Get your hair done too. 

Get your hair done too. 

Our other Grandpa & one of the Princesses of Bonnaroo! 

Our other Grandpa & one of the Princesses of Bonnaroo!