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When Mexico Meets Geometry It Becomes A Pattern Party

When I flew to Arizona this past month I had no idea I would find so many great fabrics. At the time all that was on my mind was spending time with my sisters (Asia & Krishna), the celebration of living another year and of course COACHELLA! 

Before getting to Coachella and the journey to Los Angeles, California, Asia made it her business to show me around Phoenix, Tempe, and Scottsdale. One of my favorite places there is definitely JoAnn's Fabric! I'm all for the fabric stores in NYC but when I can park the car and not have to pay, not to mention run in and out. I'm so down for it! Walking in I went with intentions just to get faux flowers to create my FlowerChild Crown for Coachella. I did that and discovered great fabrics. 

At the time I didn't purchase them, but I did pick up the swatches. Luckily, I kept them with me and now they will be a permanent fixture in someone's lucky home. I'll share, don't worry.

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I've Opted For Something Different, Try It With Me At 12PM Today

I'm finally past being nervous now. Today is the big day! My hopes for today is people are aware of new ways to do simple things. Also, how to do more with less. The official Eyepissglitter logo lounge-wear crewneck is so much more than a sweatshirt. It's a movement and shows that you really can do whatever you want and if you don't believe so, you can at least try, right? Before we begin at noon I will tell you another thing before this goes down. A portion of the proceeds will go to a foundation of my choice in Peru to help with living conditions  of the great people that make my fabric happen. 



Stay tuned for what is about to be one of the best launches for the best HOMEWEAR line ever:) #EYEPISSGLITTER