LIFE | Bonnaroo 2017 Dates Have Been Announced & See What Made 2016 Bonnaroo Really Pop Off

So it's really LIT. No seriously. If you went to Bonnaroo I'm sure you feel like you're liked in sunshine, especially if you're just now using AC (it feels different). But even if you didn't go there's something so special about that too. 


If You Didn't Go Start Here

So it's Winter, I'm talking freezing cold (maybe not depending on where you are) but if it's not 90 degrees it's cold to me. I digress, each year since 2012 (never forget Asia when we had the day pass because you have the best customers ever) I have looked forward to another year of freedom, excitement and that community feel you have in college (or school period) that you think will never go away until you graduate.

Now, that you get the feels get why Bonnaroo 2016 made for the relaxation year of Bonnaroo but still left everyone refreshed and appreciative of a good time well spent.

If You Did Go Start Here

Oh My now, Lil Chano from 79th aka Chance The Rapper is Mayor of Bonnaroo!?! He really did four shows, he surprised himself with himself and us!! But let's get to the...



  • The Trapped In The Closet Sing Along (No really it was a giant karaoke of R. Kelly songs for pregame; next thing you know we're 23 chapters in). "Cuz he's my baby's daddy...daddy...daddy (echo)
  • The Coachella girls next to us. We didn't see them smile until the last day & that was after Jamilah made me socialize with them. They ended up being really cool, this was their first and last time at Bonnaroo.
  • Chance The Rapper surprising himself with us not only once during J Cole's set, not only during Bryson Tiller's set, not only during Miguel's magical set but also at Silent Disco.
  • Waking up naked because it was too hot to put on clothes.
  • Miguel.
  • Hermitude.
  • The Water slide even though we didn't get on it this time.
  • The Amish doughnuts.
  • The Amish pretzels.
  • First feel of air conditioner in the car.
  • Dancing to our own music as we waited for the storm to be over.
  • Eating shrimp and chips twice within an hour.
  • The alarms sounding off everything was postponed until the storm was clear. In that moment we were fake sad because we had SO much faith it wasn't going to last & it didn't. It ended up making for a great moment and giving us a little break.

Ok Pictures cuz it was LIT!! & Oh yea...

Bonnaroo 2017 June 8-11. See you on the farm.

Get your hair done too. 

Get your hair done too. 

Our other Grandpa & one of the Princesses of Bonnaroo! 

Our other Grandpa & one of the Princesses of Bonnaroo! 


When You Want To Help Protest But You Have To Protest Against Your Mama's Cancer First

There's so much going on in the world, specifically America it seems of lately. Yet, it's not lately. It's actually just now being documented a bit more because of the use of the common folk's phone cameras and sometimes the media. I've written about the subject plenty of time. My brother/uncle/nephew/cousin could have been Trayvon Martin, Michael Brown at anytime. It hurts and after receiving statistics that show 1.5 Million African-American men are missing (jail, drafted, dead) it breaks my heart even more.

After all of this, I can say nothing breaks my heart more than watching my mama fight cancer. Although she's not alone in her fight (my Grandmother is fighting it as well, along with Alzheimer's). It weighs a pain indescribable. Laughter can turn into tears in such a quick moment that it almost seems unreal. Cancer is so much more than the physical disease itself, it becomes an emotional disease that can only be cured with love, patience and empathy. I have had my heart broken plenty of times (or maybe my ego) & I thought my Grandpa leaving the earth would be the last really massive one, but witnessing my mama not able to do the things she used to do makes me so uncertain of the future for myself and the world together.

No, it's not a cry for help, in fact it's a loud scream to notify the world that life really is/are moments. The moment when you feel you are powerless in a situation that you want just a little power at least to take your mama's pain away is the most unbearable pain in the world. I'm sure I could have wrote this in my diary (because yes, I've kept one since 4th grade) but I'm compelled to share my feelings on the matter because maybe just someone that doesn't realize how precious life is will take the time out to notice. I am crying as I write this, but I will be ok...because I wrote this (exhale). I'm learning from this experience. And if you didn't know before, my time is precious and so is your's so use it wisely.

2015 The Year of Life Learning?


LIFE | A Letter To My Greatest Friends

Going through the ultimate heartbreak (the home-going of my Grandpa), the cancer pain my mama is going through and the Alzheimer's my Gam has; has brought sadness yet enlightenment on some levels thanks to my great support system. The days are not easy but with great family and friends it is not as difficult. As many letters and thank you notes as I send out I feel words will never show how grateful I am. I guess that's why they say, "Actions speak louder than words." During this time it's been hard to show that though. I hope this shows and tells you how grateful I am.

Thank you for picking me up from the airport.

Thank you for starting a group What's App Message.

Thank you for Skyping me.

Thank you for crying with me.

Thank you for understanding I don't want to talk at the moment.

Thank you for coming to visit my mama.

Thank you for writing a letter.

Thank you for sending flowers.

Thank you for not feeling sorry for me.

Thank you for listening.

Thank you for your kindness.

Thank you for visiting me at Liebeskind all of those times.

Thank you for your mother.

Thank you for your friendship.



Does Support From Strangers Show Who Your Friends Are?

Or Does Support From Strangers Make Your "Real" Friends "Fake"? Notice the quotation marks. This doesn't only go for first time projects or that moment when you decide to step out of what peers consider your "comfort" zone, but no matter the industry or hype, it just feels like outsiders that don't know you may support you more than your friends do.  

I've seen it with recording artists that are my friends; they decide to do their first show, tickets are $10 but they(the friends/prime supporters) still ask to get on a list for free. Is that really support? Maybe it is, maybe it's just the first step of support, actually, taking the time to come out and see your friend perform. 

But what about the fifth time? What about for that one friend that ignores the Tweet, 50 strangers Retweet and actually attend? Does that say something more about your friendship that you didn't even know? Not necessarily. It shows that person knows you and it shows that on certain levels that's not where they click with you. Think about it, our relationships are bonded by what we have in common and that's how we turn strangers into friends. 

So take a look around, I'm sure you can tell who's who.

Patience= Elderly. Baseball. Sailing a Boat.


I think that’s how I’ve learned it. I know if you’re a parent you probably learn it that way to but I’m not a parent so I can’t identify with the exception of Isaiah, Xavier, Nick and Javon:) (my favorite babies)

Maine was such a great trip. I feel so refreshed. I was able to live in the present and enjoy each moment. So grateful for friends like Matt for inviting me on the adventure, I can’t wait to go on more. Never thought I would be…nah take that back, my imagination is huge I always saw myself sailing a boat, digging for artifacts, gardening, blasting music and dancing like no one yet everyone was watching. 


Day by day just trying to get my entire life together but I’m enjoying the process and the journey in front of me. OK, promise not to get deep…THAT TRIP WAS POPPIN!

A Good Day to be Alive.


Between watching The Curious Case of Benjamin Button for the millionth time and actually living life, I sat down yesterday and realized I’ve learned so much. Not a “I know everything” learn but a wow, we’re all just learning and learning is so cool especially together and on your own as well. It has been an eye opening week of gratitude and I just had to write about it this morning. My heart is smiling because my Grandpa was able to go to Tennessee (his home state) this week and my mama has been sending me photos and it just warms my heart to see him so happy and enjoying his time with family, friends, food and you know Tennessee!


Then so thankful for my cousin who doesn’t give up on me and the same here. We’re going to Bonnaroo (Our Roo) together along with my other two bestfriends (partner’s in legal crime) and I can only imagine the fun we’re going to have. The thought of it is just mind-blowing. Then speaking with my little cousin and just hearing her thoughts of her college experience thus far is amazing and makes me think about my experience. I want the best for everyone and making sure she’s on her shyt is very important and her older cousin wants that too.

This is getting long but overall, I’m very grateful for this time in my life. I get to see my bestfriends dreams come true! I hope reading this at another day when I may not be feeling so JOLLY I’ll be evoked to do something great. But if you’re reading this I love you.