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There In Spirit: Pusha T x Open Mic In Nashville via @2Lsonacloud

Music is always a huge influence on my designing process! I thought I wouldn't get to see one of my favorite artists, with his debut solo album perform. I'm staying clear of concerts for the moment.  But just then I got the hookup via the great people at 2LsOnaCloud


Check out Pusha T (not me) perform in Music City Nashville, Tennessee.

Pusha T Meet & Greet | Live in Nashville.

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The Blossom Effect. It's Happening.


Finally? Or has it been happening already and I just didn't realize it? It didn't start with a new website but the opportunity to do my own thing on a different level. So many times I've made campaigns for others and put my stuff to the site, but it's fun. But now I'm working on the fun stuff. Watch it all develop here.

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Be Dangerous...It's Careful Out There. #eyepissglitter