Tot's Tunes | August 22, 2016: Faux Fall Feels

I can't believe, we'll soon be covered in layers of clothing shivering with the heat on full blast listening to Christmas Carols. Ok, I'm being a little dramatic and skipping the entire Fall season. But that's what it feels like. Like I always say, "If it's not hot, it's cold." Speaking of cold, it was a bit chilly this morning. I got a little worried, then I started sweating. But it made me think of some good tunes. Check them out below.


eyeADVENTURE | #PartyOnABike Was Just That In Phoenix

It's no secret that one of my favorite cities on the planet is Phoenix, Arizona! Although it's been two years since I lived here and have been back I still don't know all of the "poppin" things to do.  What I do know is, Health is Wealth and when you're in the company of great people (in this case, my sisters Asia, Krishna, Kenya & Fatima) you can't not have a great time. 



This trip took us to #PartyOnABike aka spin class. I've been before, not to this particular one but I do remember I was starving afterwards.  


This was a great experience, minus my butt hurting which is probably a good thing it was LIT. Our spin class instructor Brynn had a dope playlist, great energy and was super supportive. So if you have no idea where to start for fun in Phoenix of any city rather, start with a good exercise class. You can't go wrong when it comes to getting your body right.

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Tot's Tunes | August 8, 2016: Desert Vibes

Since being in the desert for the past week I've been listening to everything from TityBoi to Jerreau. From more mellow vibes to straight up LIT life (I mean I am in the city of flashing lights; Las Vegas). I may even have to do a part two to Desert Vibes because we took a quick Roadtrip to Los Angeles and then got a nice surprise when Teedra performed.  


Jerreau - Champagne (Oh Baby)

I first heard this when DJ Meel sent it to me for the Selective Hearing Music Club. I was so here for not only the music club, but that initial EP I first received set the tone. One of my favorites ion the album is Champagne. Just listen, you'll love it too.

Kehlani - Gangsta

Something to slow it down and it just went with the desert heat. Can't go wrong with Kehlani.

Rick Ross x Skrillex - Purple Lamborghini

This joint really got me wild!! It's when you know you're about to have fun. I love when Skrillex collaborates with rap artists.

2Chainz - Get Out The Bed

This is one of those songs you blast and point at people like you were in the studio when Tityboi made the song.

Mac Miller ft. Anderson Paak - Dang!

So smooth, so very smooth.

Lil' Yachty - Shoot Out The Roof

How can you be so hyped and so calm at the same time...this song.

Dreezy ft. Wale - Afford My Love

I almost forgot about Dreezy then that joint with Gucci Mane dropped so I listened more and found more songs I liked. Afford My Love features Wale and of course we get a good storyline.

Jay Dot Rain - Ball & G

Initially, I had Dozen on here but it's old but still a favorite, but Ball & G is starting to become a selection as well now. If you download the iTunes playlist I have Dozen on there. But this one was a good smooth driving song. Wavy in the desert.

The Game ft. Kendrick Lamar - On Me

Nope it's not that new but it's already a classic. From the Erykah Badu sample of On & On to the extensive wordplay from The Game and Kendrick, it hasn't stopped playing since Documentary 2 dropped.



Quiz Dat A$$ | How Many Gucci Mane Lyrics Do You Know

I got 17 out of 21!


This was fun! Check it out via Pigeons and Planes. And cop the Gucci pouchette here!

Gucci Pink Lemonade Pouch

Collaboration with Tuscaloosian artist, The Prblms and EYEPISSGLITTER both share a love of creative design and Gucci Mane. What started as a print to frame turned into lampshade, wallpaper and now the limited edition pillow and travel pouch. Gucci In Paris.

*Plus it's been revamped with a new lining! Pink and black.

100% Linen Cotton Canvas

Elephant Texture

10 x 8.5

Made with my bare hands (handmade)

Cold Water Wash

Made In The USA

Limited Edition

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Tot's Tunes | August 1, 2016: Sanger's Room

I thought I would smooth it out this week. I'm still hyped over the release of Gucci's album, Everybody Looking. Starting the first Monday off in a new month (Nooo it's getting closer and closer to the cold; but that means we can rock burgundy super hard) it was only right to prepare for cuffin' season and showcase some talented singers and songwriters. Check it out!

Bellamoon - Teach Me

Nightrides..this would have been on BET Midnight Love. Bellamoon approaches the soothing production as a playful seduction, but "It's about to go down."

Drug - Villz ft. Pusha T

The first time I heard this song it was without either that time we were in Nashville at someone's apartment and at the time, Villz was showing us what is now the visual for Exposed. Or it might have been when DJ GB sent me a few songs from the upcoming project. Either way it didn't have Pusha T on it but I really liked it. Now with the new addition it's BONKERZ

The Last Outcast - The Prblms

It gives me Outkast vibes with the horns but a new feel. If you peep ThePrblms art, it definitely goes with it.

Bad Thing - Forte Bowie

Summer sweet (smile).

Familiar Energy - K. Roosevelt

I haven't heard him in so long then I stumbled on to this one.

CRZY - Kehlani

You can hear the passion in her voice on this one. We hear you Lani.

AudioArt - OgMuse

It is exactly what the title is, my favorite part begins on 2:20 and the song really sounds like the artwork. Birds chirping, art, and I can so see everyone, "I'm paid today, I'm Godly, I can't be bought, I'm sorry...I been fighting to long."

Tell Me - PJ ft. Jevon Doe

Really just tell me, because just one time is like ok, but then you may change your mind and I won't know. 

Come Back - Kamaiyah (Chopped n OhSlowed)

Yes, SWV's Always On My Mind sample but the joint goes and shout to DJ OhSo for the chopped n OhSlowed version.

IDGAF - Kiya Lacey

Kiya never disappoints. This came out awhile ago but still a favorite. It's so dope especially after the beat change.





The Visual Artist That Made The Gucci Print Famous Drops A Music Video

Every since I've had the honor of meeting The Prblms via NYC Soho Liebeskind JayDotRain Seafood City Thug Passion (you'll hear the story one day) his energy has always been out of this world and creative as phuk. We later went on to become family and did the collaboration together that you all love today GUCCI IN PARIS

The Prblms.

The Prblms.

But there's more, always finding the art in everything The Prblms hits us off with another art form, his music and a dope video. This is one of those videos you actually want to see to the end. Check out his debut performance video for FIJI. And yes, it does make you want to travel and the song sounds like what the video would look like.

Shop The Gucci In Paris products below.

Collaboration with Tuscaloosian artist, The Prblms and EYEPISSGLITTER both share a love of creative design and Gucci Mane. What started as a print to frame turned into lampshade, wallpaper and now the limited edition pillow, travel pouch and laptop case Gucci In Paris.

100% Linen Cotton Canvas

Interior: Elephant blk/pink texture

Dry Clean Only

Made with my bare hands (handmade)

Limited Edition





TRAVEL | Fleeing The Country, Can't Come Back Where Are You Headed?


A couple of weeks ago I asked you all a question that I was so wrapped around. Not in a bad way just one of those hmm, questions. It was bound to come up because I finally sat down to go through my book, Book of Questions. I was super drawn to this questions and figured hey, let's start a question. I already know my answer but check out a few from my fellow Wanderers:


Everyone here seems to want to JUST BE. I agree. 


Some just want a great escape. 


Europe and Asia are also getting massive play. 


Water is the answer. 

So now that you see some of the most illmatic answers, here's mine...

Capetown, South Africa. I've never been but I see beaches and it's always hot and I would like the challenge of starting over and doing something I love and being with a beautiful culture

Question Two On Way. Where would you go?


LIFE | Bonnaroo 2017 Dates Have Been Announced & See What Made 2016 Bonnaroo Really Pop Off

So it's really LIT. No seriously. If you went to Bonnaroo I'm sure you feel like you're liked in sunshine, especially if you're just now using AC (it feels different). But even if you didn't go there's something so special about that too. 


If You Didn't Go Start Here

So it's Winter, I'm talking freezing cold (maybe not depending on where you are) but if it's not 90 degrees it's cold to me. I digress, each year since 2012 (never forget Asia when we had the day pass because you have the best customers ever) I have looked forward to another year of freedom, excitement and that community feel you have in college (or school period) that you think will never go away until you graduate.

Now, that you get the feels get why Bonnaroo 2016 made for the relaxation year of Bonnaroo but still left everyone refreshed and appreciative of a good time well spent.

If You Did Go Start Here

Oh My now, Lil Chano from 79th aka Chance The Rapper is Mayor of Bonnaroo!?! He really did four shows, he surprised himself with himself and us!! But let's get to the...



  • The Trapped In The Closet Sing Along (No really it was a giant karaoke of R. Kelly songs for pregame; next thing you know we're 23 chapters in). "Cuz he's my baby's daddy...daddy...daddy (echo)
  • The Coachella girls next to us. We didn't see them smile until the last day & that was after Jamilah made me socialize with them. They ended up being really cool, this was their first and last time at Bonnaroo.
  • Chance The Rapper surprising himself with us not only once during J Cole's set, not only during Bryson Tiller's set, not only during Miguel's magical set but also at Silent Disco.
  • Waking up naked because it was too hot to put on clothes.
  • Miguel.
  • Hermitude.
  • The Water slide even though we didn't get on it this time.
  • The Amish doughnuts.
  • The Amish pretzels.
  • First feel of air conditioner in the car.
  • Dancing to our own music as we waited for the storm to be over.
  • Eating shrimp and chips twice within an hour.
  • The alarms sounding off everything was postponed until the storm was clear. In that moment we were fake sad because we had SO much faith it wasn't going to last & it didn't. It ended up making for a great moment and giving us a little break.

Ok Pictures cuz it was LIT!! & Oh yea...

Bonnaroo 2017 June 8-11. See you on the farm.

Get your hair done too. 

Get your hair done too. 

Our other Grandpa & one of the Princesses of Bonnaroo! 

Our other Grandpa & one of the Princesses of Bonnaroo!