Eyepissglitter. The Film.


The creator of homewear designs, EYEPISSGLITTER, Tatiana Johnson, finds herself as the Jill-of-all trades when it comes to merging music and fashion.  Her deep-rooted passion for Rap music has lead her to follow the boom of her own bass by creating EYEPISSGLITTER, a powerhouse of expression through music, fashion and now furniture! 

Trained by the watchful eye of her Grandmother, Anna Lee, Tatiana was disciplined in the ways of both fashion and interior design before her first year in college. There she and Ms. Anna Lee designed her bedroom decor.  

Receiving an all around design education from New York legends, The Diplomats to gown extraordinaire Zac Posen; she's ready to give you what Hip-Hop has given her. HOMEWEAR...the love child of music and fashion and they are looking for a new home!

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