My Happy Place, Your Favorite Dancing DJ


Crazy how I feel my Mama's presence so much when I'm DJ'ing. I could so see her on stage with me gassin me like Get it girl and that's Mama's baby and getting on the mic and saying Puss and me replying Boots. It's so real even reading that exact sentence. Wow.

I get it.


Sewing is where I've always been with my Gam when she was here and when she's here. Just guiding me and being the perfectionist she is and telling me to do it over because that stitch wasn't straight.

Grandpa is always like nukkas and flies I do despise. But when logic is priority over heart he's there saying reverse psychology. And treating me like Queen of the world because anything less is not allowed: still getting this through my head.

Be Dangerous...It's Careful Out There. #eyepissglitter

Be Dangerous...It's Careful Out There. #eyepissglitter

But Mama giiiirllll I feel you when I get on that stage and that first song plays and then I get my groove yeah that groove is you girl! It's all you it's all Terri but it's all Peaches but it's all Tati(Grandmama voice😩) that's Tot...DJ CropTopTot that's my happy place...DJing is my permanent Bonnaroo. *plays Ashanti Baby intro*

Thank you God.