EYEPISSGLITTER Retreat • Yes It's a Real Thing • Jeju Sauna Time

Being productive and creative is all good until you find yourself procrastinating and even on just a drought of ideas. It happens sometimes but the fun part is it happening and getting out of it. Next thing you know, you're flooding your paper with words, ideas, art and pure focused vision.  


What definitely helps is surrounding yourself with people that believe in themselves and your vision as well. Long story short, Jeju Sauna provided the vibes of relaxation, productivity and the state of just being. After almost eight hours of workshop and heat and food I can definitely testify this second trip to Jeju was worth it. The EYEPISSGLITTER Retreat is real and needed. It wasn't just work but focused activities that lead us to get started on executing campaigns. This will definitely be a once a month trip...if not twice.


This was one of my favorite rooms. The Jewel Sauna!