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SAMPLES: Behind The Scenes of Gucci In Paris

Of course I was sitting here listening to Gucci Mane...Trap House 3 to be exact. Finding designing and sewing to be very therapeutic in what seems the toughest time in my life, I can truly say creating is a blessing. But alright on the mushy stuff.

Let's get on to how the sample came about. I loved the print by my favorite artist and fam, ThePrblms and thought that should be a wallpaper in my office. Then after I left Arizona and couldn't use the wallpaper at the moment, I had to bring it in somehow.


Now it's a lamp and pillow. We're just getting started. Our collaboration we have coming up is almost finished so get ready for that. Until then enjoy the Gucci In Paris.

Posting on Etsy in a few shakes.