Motivating Yourself Through a Dark Time Is Challenge But It Can Be Done

The day after Christmas, at the hospital w/Gam.

The day after Christmas, at the hospital w/Gam.

I found that I could totally identify with's latest article, How I Motivated Myself During My Darkest Times, by John Rampton. I believe my favorite point was rewarding yourself. You know, when you finished a task no matter how small or big; give yourself a gift. I remember for weeks I found myself not being able to get out of bed, to the point of holding my pee because I just wanted to stay in bed and not deal (yeah it got bad). 

Gradually I was able to get out of bed, but it took steps, time and it was a project. However, when I did get out I found having a piece of fruit was my reward or even if I brushed my teeth, I would look up a vacation that I dreamed of taking one day as a gift to myself. It wasn't overnight but it helped and it's still a task. I'm probably one of the biggest fans (now) of self-care and treating yourself, because if you can't treat yourself...who will?

P.S. Ever since I've moved back to Tennessee (three years now) I've been at the hospital every Christmas (Mama, Grandpa, Gam). This year, my goal is to get out of the country. Cuba, Tiara aka Dora, you ready?

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