The Unbanned Documentary

Banned Jordan 1 (2).jpg

Back then, in 1984, it was unheard of for a black man (Michael Jordan) to be the face of a huge company such as Nike. This not only caused huge waves in the media, but the entire country. Shortly there after, Jordan's very first shoe was released. 

Fun Fact: this shoe was banned by the NBA. Because of the color scheme (black and red or bred), David Stern (commissioner of the NBA at the time) had the shoe banned from all NBA games, as all shoes had to be mostly white.

As a result, this is the only shoe that was created during Jordan's playing days as a Chicago Bull, but was never worn by him. With Jordan bringing a more flashy style of play and his urban appeal, kids naturally already wanted the sneaker. But you know the saying right? People want what they can’t have. And that was the start of an empire, we know today as Jordan Brand.

Check out the trailer for the “Unbanned Documentary” below.