DESIGN | Events: Street Execs Presents A3C Media Mixer : Interior Design: EYEPISSGLITTER Studio

This is really exciting, but now the work comes in. After really getting into interior design for the past few years, I made it a goal of mine to do the interior design for a recording studio. As much as I love music and as much as it influences my design, it would be a dream to showcase just that and more in a recording studio. Besides the toilet, shower and a festival being a huge place of inspiration for me, I always find myself in a recording studio vibing out with other artists. 

Now, don't get it twisted, I'm not spitting a hot 16 while I'm there, or trying to get on the boards, but I am observing and taking it all in. While I'm there I may write a little bit and may even sketch some. But the magic happens when I get home. 

This time I get to bring that magic to the studio and not just any studio, but Street Execs home to TityBoi (yes I still refer to 2Chainz as Tityboi), Travis Porter, Bankroll Fresh, Snootie Wild, Cap 1, Short Dawg and a house of producers. Special thank to Lacy for connecting with me, perfect timing and I cannot wait to show what I can do.

P.S. This will be all custom pieces. Get Ready. 

All Media Is Invited. Must RSVP in order to enter the event! RSVP by sending a email to