Can EYE KICK It | Converse Rain Coat Chucks

Yes, rain coat chucks. As soon as I saw them I was excited because I didn't cop the water resistant ones that came out a few years ago. You remember the solid color yellow, red and blue. They basically looked like kindergarten sneakers.


Fast forward to future and my favorite colorways olive green and dark green make their debut on my favorite style of sneakers on the water resistant material. They're perfect for traveling in, especially if you find yourself waking up in the wee hours this Fall for those flights and want to throw some kicks on and don't want to worry about a cute baby randomly putting ketchup on your shoe because you know you can easily just wipe them off.


It's even more LIT because they come out today in a few other colors. They range from $55-$95 and include a cool variety of rain coats to match.


#eyeADVENTURE Photo Contest Challenge 1 | Share a place that inspires you

Inspiration comes from all over. Whether you're at your favorite coffee or tea shop, working out at spin class or across the globe in a hammock watching the clouds; you may find yourself saying eureka (I've actually said this once) or it's LIT because that certain placed sparked an idea.

Well now share it with us. Where is it and why there? Winner will be announced Sunday. And don't forget, I will repost the best and winner gets an exclusive EYEPISSGLITTER goodie.



#eyeADVENTURE Share Your Travels Photo Contest

So I'm sure after you kept seeing the word #eyeADVENTURE, you thought, what is it exactly? It's finally the day I get to tell you! I've noticed from photos and stories, that 2016 has been a great year for travel! The year isn't over but I've come across so many great stories from friends and it made me think back to my adventures this year as well. From Rio De Janeiro to New Orleans, to Las Vegas to Los Angeles to Phoenix and all away back to New York to Tennessee; it's been a wild ride. 


But enough about my stories I want to know your favorite places. Where are you finding inspiration? What are you eating? What's your favorite restaurant? Let me know and the best photo gets a sample of my next collection before it comes out.Now don't think, I didn't go out of the country, I didn't leave the state," there are plenty of cool places in your city. Introduce us. Get Ready for Week 1!

NOTE: This contest is via TWITTER. FACEBOOK. INSTAGRAM. Just hashtag #eyeADVENTURE

*How To Play*

  • Read the challenge

  • Scroll through your thousands of pictures in your phone, choose one.

  • Upload to your Instagram, Facebook or Twitter

  • Hashtag using #eyeADVENTURE

  • Each Sunday, a winner will be announced and photo posted on the EYEPISSGLITTER Instagram


DESIGN | A Visit To The Pop Art Side of The Nevada Desert

The MooMoo Girls Minus One. 

The MooMoo Girls Minus One. 

As soon as I saw The Seven Magic Mountains via Instagram I added it to my list of must-sees. I was immediately intrigued and besides being excited to see them, I wondered why they were built in the first place. After doing my research I found out artist Ugo Rondinone was the creator and this was the big version of some of his most famous works. The Swiss born artist doesn't have one specific medium that he uses. But my favorite besides the Seven Magic Mountains is the Spirited, Blue Mountains. I like them because they remind me of Stonehenge.


Check out some of Ugo Rondinone's work. If you've never heard of him, here's a great start with the Seven Magic Mountains. The exhibit is seven, 30 to 35 feet dayglow totems comprised of painted, locally-sourced boulders. The exhibit is a two year exhibit and it's outside of the Las Vegas desert. Check it out next time you're in Nevada, take a picture and tag it #eyeADVENTURE.



Ever so often we'll take you into the studios of various creatives. First our first installment we visit EYEPISSGLITTER Studio with visual artist, KianaGirl. We find out what inspires KianaGirl, why she prefers, Rihanna's Umbrella over Juvenile's U Understand and what gives her a Godlike feeling.


When did you know that art, specifically visual art was your calling?


Art has been a hobby of mine for about 11 years, but i didn't start taking myself seriously until here recently. In August of 2015, I found myself single mother of one, living out of my car, with a very low paying job;


I hence turned to painting to make a little extra cash and completly feel in love with it!

Describe your process i.e. getting ready, are you listening to music, if so what?

Usually it takes me many hours or even days of mental preparation to even come up with my message or visiom for a piece. After sketching out what I want to create, I just listen to music and paint.


I'm usually listening to Drake, Roy Woods, Alina Baraz, Wilx, Alocodaman or Tate. I've got a pretty open mind when it comes to my music lol.

Most annoying thing you've encountered while creating?


Time..and never having enough of it. I have a full time job as a teacher, I'm a single mom, and an artist. When I'm painting it's usually at 3 am on a weeknight and I have to clock in at work a couple hours later.

It's frustrating to have so much motivation and no time to use it!

What's your favorite part about painting?


Wow, can I say everything?? Okay my actual favorite part of painting would have to be mixing colors, which is an art in itself.

Taking different pigments and infusing them together to create new ones is an absolute God-like feeling.

Is there a place you go for inspiration?

Whenever I get a chance to travel I absolutely love visiting botanical gardens, I get so much inspiration in natural beauty that surrounds us.

Rihanna's Umbrella vs. Juvenile's U Understand, which is your most favorite and why?

Definitely Rihanna's Umbrella. I'm such a hopeless romantic lol, I love anything that has to do with love and romance. It's a beautiful thing. 


DESIGN | How To Hang Your Art Work After You Copped At #ArtHaus

So now you have your first piece of artwork  or maybe your fifth; and like any new additions you have to make space  for it. Luckily, there was a range of pieces to choose from at #ARTHAUS this past Thursday in Nashville.

Exquisite pieces from TrapArtTerry, FluGameQ, RichTheArtist, C3FD, KennyWayneArts, DopeArtDealer, MegPie and CreativeSuppli.

The pop-up shop included finds from Sneakersxspeakers, The Outer Circle and of course new pieces from EYEPISSGLITTER.

I. Be Patient

No, really it's a process but a fun one at that. Don't expect to fill your wall at one time. Start with a focal point and make it the star and put place it on the center of your wall.

II. Get Jiggy

It's your spot, make it reflect your personality. You've already selected your favorite pieces so now it's time to place them where you want. You can tilt your art too (think T.I.'s hat cocked to the side but on your wall).

III. Consistency Is Key

Have fun with it, but don't get too matchy. Use the same colors and mix the prints of the same colors, this show a flow but a difference.

IV. Plan 

One of the best things I have found useful is post it notes. You can put these all over the wall and figure out anything from your life goals to where you want to hang your new art.


DESIGN | Project Make My Chair Match My Curtains



There's nothing like adding your own touch to your home, I mean it is YOUR personal space right? One of my favorite new vices is the touch of mixing the old with the new. In this case, it's re-upholstery. The crafting of it is simply relaxing with hardcore (no Lil' Kim) work. Seeing the end result is a definite WOW factor.



My first upholstery client in Nashville really set the bar. She wanted to turn a dining room chair into a piece that was welcoming and had the fun factor that matched her curtains. I was into the project immediately. Most of the work was taking it apart and the most fun. Next it was measuring and making sure I had every part of the chair tight but not too tight.

Seeing it come together was magical. The end result, a happy client and a designer that wanted to keep the chair. 

It's almost my turn, on the hunt for a cool chair and a fun fabric to complement the cribnasium.

Question of the Day

What dream fabric would you add to a chair?

Comment below.


DESIGN | Can You Overuse Something You Love | Gucci Mane Enters The Kitchen

So I decided to go from a wallpaper to a pillow to a lamp to travel pouch to now...a placemat for my Gam. I chose a traditional kitchen table set, but of course I'm going to add my own twist influenced by none other than Anna Lee Johnson. I kept telling myself I want something bright but not too crazy and of course I had to make my fam, The Prblms a part of my home yet again. 

This time I opted for a EYE catching piece that was both functional and a conversational piece. So here is to you Gam...keep it clean woman.


DESIGN | When Music Matches Your Vibes | DJ Mike Nasty x Untitled 001

Ever so often something magical happens, well ehh, I take that back it happens a lot. But catching the good vibes of music that go along with your day can heavily influence the way you carry on with it. Upbeat and catchy can always change a blah day to a great day.

In this case, DJ Mike Nasty did just that. Evolving from a DJ to producer seems easy when playing his latest Untitled: 001.

The mix features three tracks that are easily something you can sew to (in my case), clean to or just vibe out and talk over but realize you're listening to something with replay value. Take a listen here and tell me what track you'll be listening to in your cribnasium.

Mike Nasty | Untitled: 001



DESIGN | It's LIT In Your Cribnasium: How to Go To Coachella W/O Actually Going

One of the best things (besides my birthday) about April is the weather and also, you guessed it, Coachella Music and Arts festival. But let's say you went online January 6, 2016 and you missed out, tickets sold out immediately.

Then you hopped on Stubhub and thought, "Maybe I don't really want to go and if anything I'll wait until it gets closer to April."

Well, you're still in luck and another gem of the actual festival is the stay. I'm talking about hotels, Airbnbs, the resorts, the restaurants and just the overall settings. Most of the time people stay in Indio, Joshua Tree and my favorite place, Palm Springs.

The style in Palm Springs is like no other, bright colors, mid-century mixed with a relaxed feel! Above is a photo of just how to add a little Coachella Festival into your home.

  1. Incorporate Life | Add a plant into the room, especially a cactus.

  2. Get Mixie | In a good way, you can mix and match prints; try it with a blanket and pillow.

  3. Show Your Art | Don't feel like buying a painting, DIY it and head over to Michael's for a blank canvas and paint what you feel.

  4. Accessorize Your Thug | Working with an all white room, let your accessories do the talking; candles, vases even board games can make a difference.

Have you tried these? Let me know and send your photos to


DESIGN | How to Mix Vintage Love & Modern Edge For Your Cribnasium

As we get ready to dive into the new year, we usually look to throw a lot of the old things away; with the exception of photos (unless it was a bad break-up). One of my favorite things to use in any space, especially the CRIBNASIUM (your home) are photos. And not just any photos, family. I feel blessed that my Mama kept a lot of photos of my Gam and Grandpa as well as my Great-Aunts, Uncles, cousins and more. I realize there is so much history in these pictures and one thing that they all have are so much LIFE!

And what is a home without LIFE! With the photos being black and white they are already lively but since I'm going for a Palm Springs kind of feel, I wanted to add color without editing the photos. 

Luckily, I made a trip to Homegoods with my cousin Jessica in Huntsville, Alabama. The tripped turned to be great exciting and I left with these goodies. 

I love the tile design, it reminds me of Palm Springs, Cabo and a vibrant feel. I believe it adds an edge to the photos and still keeps the warm feel of love and admiration. 

How will you add a new edge to your home?


DESIGN | Surprising Facts I Found About Vinyl Record Sales. Kind of.

My love of vinyl is more than just the music on them, but the feeling inside and the vibe creates for my home or where ever they are played. It makes you automatically listen to an entire album. But it looks like I'm not the only one. Check out a few facts I found about vinyl record sales that may surprise you too.

Candy x Foxy Brown via EYEPISSGLITTER Studio.

Candy x Foxy Brown via EYEPISSGLITTER Studio.

Vinyl Record Revenues Have Surpassed Free Streaming Services Like Spotify.

This was very surprising to me. As much as I buy records, finding out people are buying these and spending more than they spend on Spotify (my other favorite spot) was very interesting but also very encouraging. Stay tuned and see what other surprises I found about vinyl via Wow247.

Read more here.


DESIGN | Dreams Are Rea: I Did An Art Exhibit With Xavier Payne & It's LITesha Campbell

I had a dream I was who I am becoming. Or maybe not a dream but it wasn't too long ago that I told my Mama (Dance In Heaven) that when I grow up I want to be an artist, correction, "The first African-American artist," I think I was trying to say I wanted to be me African-American and a unique artist as far as my work. Later it became, archaeologist, Egyptologist, fashion designer, ballerina, ninja, talk show host, magazine editor and yeah, these were my career dream lists in fourth grade.

Fast forward to now a great exhibit at Blend Studios (79 Arcade Building, Nashville, TN) put on by the great Xavier Payne, one of my favorite artists of all time featuring the dope sounds of DJ i75 and a few pieces from myself. I was extremely honored, humbled and grateful. I got to step in to Xavier's world and mix my own with it. 

We worked together previously on the Liberty Barber Boutique project (#FreeEnergi| Good Karma In Effect) and with the best event going on in Nashville, THE SET, by Protect The Culture a subsidiary of 2LsOnAcloud. Get ready for the December edition for that too!

In conclusion, it's not too late. Check out our exhibit from now until November 30.


DESIGN | How To Incorporate Neon Lighting In Your Cribnasium

I'm sure we've all been to some really cool places, I'm talking swanky to the max. Whether you're visiting a museum, at the club, the salon or a office visit; I'm sure bright colors capture your attention. Besides going to 1OAKNYC for an incredibly dope night, rather a few nights, my favorite part besides the blaring bass was seeing the Ended Up At 1OAK sign.

But I keep thinking I love neon lights and I'm sure you do too. They're fun, welcoming and just give off a vibrant vibe to wherever you are. How do you incorporate it in your home though? Simple. It's a piece of art. Make it a focal point, whether you frame, post it on a wall or put it on the floor its sure to be a notice. 

One of my favorite companies that make it apart of their lifestyle, as well as creating your favorite must stop spots signs is Let There Be Neon.They've done everything from SoulCycle to personal homes.

Take a look at my favorites and let me know, would you put some in your cribnasium?


DESIGN | A Few Pieces You'll Want From The Target Holiday 2015 Home Collection

It's about that time, you know, inviting the family over for dinner. But before you do that take the little ones out for Trick or Treats or take yourself out and party with friends on Halloween. But let's fast forward to dinner and a great ambiance.

I'm excited because Target has finally revealed its 2015 Holiday collection. Take a look at some of my favorite pieces that will definitely be added to my home.


DESIGN | Events: Street Execs Presents A3C Media Mixer : Interior Design: EYEPISSGLITTER Studio

This is really exciting, but now the work comes in. After really getting into interior design for the past few years, I made it a goal of mine to do the interior design for a recording studio. As much as I love music and as much as it influences my design, it would be a dream to showcase just that and more in a recording studio. Besides the toilet, shower and a festival being a huge place of inspiration for me, I always find myself in a recording studio vibing out with other artists. 

Now, don't get it twisted, I'm not spitting a hot 16 while I'm there, or trying to get on the boards, but I am observing and taking it all in. While I'm there I may write a little bit and may even sketch some. But the magic happens when I get home. 

This time I get to bring that magic to the studio and not just any studio, but Street Execs home to TityBoi (yes I still refer to 2Chainz as Tityboi), Travis Porter, Bankroll Fresh, Snootie Wild, Cap 1, Short Dawg and a house of producers. Special thank to Lacy for connecting with me, perfect timing and I cannot wait to show what I can do.

P.S. This will be all custom pieces. Get Ready. 

All Media Is Invited. Must RSVP in order to enter the event! RSVP by sending a email to


DESIGN | All Gold Everything. Autumn Home Decor Finds {Under $50}

It's almost that time, no it really is. Summer is saying goodbye slowly but surely and although I am a lover of all things hot especially the weather I do find comfort in Fall decor. Now let's not get to crazy about thinking uniform or a certain look that screams Fall, but there are a few elements that make us think of leaves changing color and turning our vests into leather jackets.

Not only did I find a few great pieces that you will want to have for Fall but they all just happen to be under 

Geometric Votive Holder $15

Did anyone say gold? Better yet a a geometric shape, it's time to put our candles in something a little more interesting. 

Dark Conical Lampshade $49.90

All about texture over here and this lampshade not only says style, but added detail makes it a classic keeper. 

Hay Clip Clip $7

Again, I love gold and let's step away from the old plastic clips. I know you know what I'm talking about. These gold ones are cute and they're durable.

Read This If You Want To Take Great Photographs $17

Your coffee table needs company. Instead of your magazines this year (I'm sure you have plenty of the September issues) switch of the game with some great books. This one is pretty cool.

Salud Toasting Flutes $39

I have been wanting these for the longest. As an avid lover of champagne these are very much needed.

Coachella Breeze $24

It just goes with gold...duh:)