Chuck taylor


Can EYE KICK It | Converse Rain Coat Chucks

Yes, rain coat chucks. As soon as I saw them I was excited because I didn't cop the water resistant ones that came out a few years ago. You remember the solid color yellow, red and blue. They basically looked like kindergarten sneakers.


Fast forward to future and my favorite colorways olive green and dark green make their debut on my favorite style of sneakers on the water resistant material. They're perfect for traveling in, especially if you find yourself waking up in the wee hours this Fall for those flights and want to throw some kicks on and don't want to worry about a cute baby randomly putting ketchup on your shoe because you know you can easily just wipe them off.


It's even more LIT because they come out today in a few other colors. They range from $55-$95 and include a cool variety of rain coats to match.