DESIGN | How to Mix Vintage Love & Modern Edge For Your Cribnasium

As we get ready to dive into the new year, we usually look to throw a lot of the old things away; with the exception of photos (unless it was a bad break-up). One of my favorite things to use in any space, especially the CRIBNASIUM (your home) are photos. And not just any photos, family. I feel blessed that my Mama kept a lot of photos of my Gam and Grandpa as well as my Great-Aunts, Uncles, cousins and more. I realize there is so much history in these pictures and one thing that they all have are so much LIFE!

And what is a home without LIFE! With the photos being black and white they are already lively but since I'm going for a Palm Springs kind of feel, I wanted to add color without editing the photos. 

Luckily, I made a trip to Homegoods with my cousin Jessica in Huntsville, Alabama. The tripped turned to be great exciting and I left with these goodies. 

I love the tile design, it reminds me of Palm Springs, Cabo and a vibrant feel. I believe it adds an edge to the photos and still keeps the warm feel of love and admiration. 

How will you add a new edge to your home?


DESIGN | How To Incorporate Neon Lighting In Your Cribnasium

I'm sure we've all been to some really cool places, I'm talking swanky to the max. Whether you're visiting a museum, at the club, the salon or a office visit; I'm sure bright colors capture your attention. Besides going to 1OAKNYC for an incredibly dope night, rather a few nights, my favorite part besides the blaring bass was seeing the Ended Up At 1OAK sign.

But I keep thinking I love neon lights and I'm sure you do too. They're fun, welcoming and just give off a vibrant vibe to wherever you are. How do you incorporate it in your home though? Simple. It's a piece of art. Make it a focal point, whether you frame, post it on a wall or put it on the floor its sure to be a notice. 

One of my favorite companies that make it apart of their lifestyle, as well as creating your favorite must stop spots signs is Let There Be Neon.They've done everything from SoulCycle to personal homes.

Take a look at my favorites and let me know, would you put some in your cribnasium?