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DESIGN | Project Make My Chair Match My Curtains



There's nothing like adding your own touch to your home, I mean it is YOUR personal space right? One of my favorite new vices is the touch of mixing the old with the new. In this case, it's re-upholstery. The crafting of it is simply relaxing with hardcore (no Lil' Kim) work. Seeing the end result is a definite WOW factor.



My first upholstery client in Nashville really set the bar. She wanted to turn a dining room chair into a piece that was welcoming and had the fun factor that matched her curtains. I was into the project immediately. Most of the work was taking it apart and the most fun. Next it was measuring and making sure I had every part of the chair tight but not too tight.

Seeing it come together was magical. The end result, a happy client and a designer that wanted to keep the chair. 

It's almost my turn, on the hunt for a cool chair and a fun fabric to complement the cribnasium.

Question of the Day

What dream fabric would you add to a chair?

Comment below.


DESIGN | Can You Overuse Something You Love | Gucci Mane Enters The Kitchen

So I decided to go from a wallpaper to a pillow to a lamp to travel pouch to now...a placemat for my Gam. I chose a traditional kitchen table set, but of course I'm going to add my own twist influenced by none other than Anna Lee Johnson. I kept telling myself I want something bright but not too crazy and of course I had to make my fam, The Prblms a part of my home yet again. 

This time I opted for a EYE catching piece that was both functional and a conversational piece. So here is to you Gam...keep it clean woman.


DESIGN | How to Mix Vintage Love & Modern Edge For Your Cribnasium

As we get ready to dive into the new year, we usually look to throw a lot of the old things away; with the exception of photos (unless it was a bad break-up). One of my favorite things to use in any space, especially the CRIBNASIUM (your home) are photos. And not just any photos, family. I feel blessed that my Mama kept a lot of photos of my Gam and Grandpa as well as my Great-Aunts, Uncles, cousins and more. I realize there is so much history in these pictures and one thing that they all have are so much LIFE!

And what is a home without LIFE! With the photos being black and white they are already lively but since I'm going for a Palm Springs kind of feel, I wanted to add color without editing the photos. 

Luckily, I made a trip to Homegoods with my cousin Jessica in Huntsville, Alabama. The tripped turned to be great exciting and I left with these goodies. 

I love the tile design, it reminds me of Palm Springs, Cabo and a vibrant feel. I believe it adds an edge to the photos and still keeps the warm feel of love and admiration. 

How will you add a new edge to your home?


DESIGN | The Kind of Wedding Decor Makes You Want To Say I Do Yesterday

We can all say nothing is more beautiful than love and seeing a sample of what it can look like physically, such as a wedding of this caliber is a sight to see. I had the honor of tagging along with The Mixtape Diva herself, DJ Jazzy T to be the music curator for the wedding. Not only was it a beautiful wedding but it took place in the Country Music Hall of Fame and Museum with a glorious view. 

From the seating to the table setting, colors were vibrant, neat and not over the top. Take a view at some more of the wedding here. Maybe this will give you ladies and gentlemen a few ideas.