DESIGN | Can You Overuse Something You Love | Gucci Mane Enters The Kitchen

So I decided to go from a wallpaper to a pillow to a lamp to travel pouch to now...a placemat for my Gam. I chose a traditional kitchen table set, but of course I'm going to add my own twist influenced by none other than Anna Lee Johnson. I kept telling myself I want something bright but not too crazy and of course I had to make my fam, The Prblms a part of my home yet again. 

This time I opted for a EYE catching piece that was both functional and a conversational piece. So here is to you Gam...keep it clean woman.


DESIGN | NoThemePink Collection Mixtape Curated By ThePrblms Mix By DJ Jazzy T

I always like to do something a little more fun and in this case make a big impact by providing fam (you) with an experience. Sharing is caring, so I took it up a notch by not only having dope pillows that match the Coachella adventure my cousin Empress and I had but also the soundtrack that held us down.

Of course I invited a few more friends along for the ride that happen to be some explosively creators themselves. I had to call upon ThePrblms for his unique skills of visuals and for a track taking hints from Trick Daddy & Trina's Nann (you'll hear it and want to blast). But then I had to call up The Mixtape Diva DJ Jazzy T for the ultimate mixing skills aka Transitions on Fleek aka 101.1 The Beat Nashville aka Weekend At Jazzy T's, for her superb ear for what flows.

In the end, the vibe was captured and now we present to you

The NoThemePink Collection Mixtape.