DESIGN | Dreams Are Rea: I Did An Art Exhibit With Xavier Payne & It's LITesha Campbell

I had a dream I was who I am becoming. Or maybe not a dream but it wasn't too long ago that I told my Mama (Dance In Heaven) that when I grow up I want to be an artist, correction, "The first African-American artist," I think I was trying to say I wanted to be me African-American and a unique artist as far as my work. Later it became, archaeologist, Egyptologist, fashion designer, ballerina, ninja, talk show host, magazine editor and yeah, these were my career dream lists in fourth grade.

Fast forward to now a great exhibit at Blend Studios (79 Arcade Building, Nashville, TN) put on by the great Xavier Payne, one of my favorite artists of all time featuring the dope sounds of DJ i75 and a few pieces from myself. I was extremely honored, humbled and grateful. I got to step in to Xavier's world and mix my own with it. 

We worked together previously on the Liberty Barber Boutique project (#FreeEnergi| Good Karma In Effect) and with the best event going on in Nashville, THE SET, by Protect The Culture a subsidiary of 2LsOnAcloud. Get ready for the December edition for that too!

In conclusion, it's not too late. Check out our exhibit from now until November 30.


DESIGN | THE SET: Dope Beats & Eats Presented by Protect The Culture: What Should I Do

First, I must say I am truly honored but I can't front, I'm more excited about dancing, eating great food and enjoy beautiful and vibrant people. The added bonus is showcasing my work. Another important thing to point out is I'm creating pieces especially for the event. Can you imagine food, 90s and of course "now" music and great art. 

Protect The Culture. 2LsOnACloud. Nashville. Queen Art Collective. DJ True Starr. Spreadluv. XpayneArt.

Protect The Culture. 2LsOnACloud. Nashville. Queen Art Collective. DJ True Starr. Spreadluv. XpayneArt.

I really admire the movement that 2LsOnACloud's creator D'llisha Davis is evolving with Protect The Culture because that's exactly what is being done. When you throw events such as this one it doesn't limit the crowd it fuses the music, food and art lovers, so this shall be one not to miss.

Stay tuned with my process and see what I make for the event.