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How to Watch #LHHNY Properly, With the Cast.


Blaring music, new hair, makeup & women dressed up in their best and the loudest whispers you could ever hear filled Stage 48 for the premiere of Love and Hip-Hop New York season four. Can you believe it? Mona Scott-Young is on a roll with these shows and for the first time I saw a club full of men just as excited if not more to see a reality show.

|Huge Shout Out to Mecca, Shante & Mona|

But what exactly brought everyone out? Was it the opportunity to see the cast interact? Was it the unlimited amount of Myx Moscato? Or was it just to watch the show as a group? I asked. Most people said they planned watch parties and then was invited to the party and thought that was even better.

Myself: I was invited, I like the show, I enjoy people, I love to network and I love interaction. I had no idea about the cast being there though. That made it better. Everyone was nice and it was lovely to see everyone enjoying themselves and basking in the ambiance of their success. During the show everyone found themselves looking at cast members after crazy encounters and events on the show. They tried to act like they weren't paying attention but they were. Most of the cast was full of I don't care what you think of me and the At the end of the day quotes.


When it comes to LHHNY, people like to paint the picture of negativity. But just like anything there's a good and bad side. The show has opened doors to various opportunities for the cast of the show. Tahiry said she'll be opening a club soon. She started as a bar tender. I remember that. One of the best things of the night was the panel. The audience was allowed to ask them questions after the screening. Get ready for the show is all I have to say. 

P.S. I happened to be sitting next to one of the video editors and one of her assistants...just get ready!