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There In Spirit: Pusha T x Open Mic In Nashville via @2Lsonacloud

Music is always a huge influence on my designing process! I thought I wouldn't get to see one of my favorite artists, with his debut solo album perform. I'm staying clear of concerts for the moment.  But just then I got the hookup via the great people at 2LsOnaCloud


Check out Pusha T (not me) perform in Music City Nashville, Tennessee.

Pusha T Meet & Greet | Live in Nashville.

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The Peaceful Playlist: Play Preferably If You Have a Headache


Even when you have a headache, you still want to hear music at times. For the first time in years I'm suffering from a killer headache (I don't even know how I'm writing this). But I do like to hear some melodies. As a huge fan of bass, this time around I really can't do it. Working on this collection is a great help, but of course I need music. I was inspired earlier today from listening to Black's newest song 'Champagne & Air Planes' featuring Dabbz. It's peaceful and helping me ease through this headache a little bit better.

Along with 'Champagne & Air Planes' I added a few of my favorites from Jhene Aiko, Jodeci, Miley Cyrus, Brandy and Frank Ocean. Take a listen and I hope it makes your day go smoother.

Playlist: Peaceful

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Why Lil' Kim Coming Down the Escalator Was Important to Fashion.


In the mid-90s it was all about fun, grimey and the tomboy clothes for us ladies in Hip Hop. But what about us girly girls, you know fashionistas, loves heels? In comes, Big Momma, Queen B, Lil' Kim. And when No Time came out I begged my Grandmother (Sweet Anna Lee) and Mama (Coolest woman on the planet that put me on to Rap) to "Please take me to Sam Goody to get the No Time single." I achieved greatness. I was now the owner of the hottest cassette out! Not only did the song get me and the instrumental on the other side but the video captivated me like no other.


She was going down an escalator by herself. BOLD MOVE! I was only in the fourth grade so this was very bold to me, I had never went down an escalator dolo! This gave me the courage to do it. Thanks Lil' Kim.

But let's talk fashion. Fur coats, bikini swimsuits, high pony tails, you have to thank Misa Brim-Hylton as well for this. This set a trend like no other, acutally making it classic style. Gold, fur coats and all out fabulous looks. I got bold, style courage and class out of this video.

Watch it again, maybe you will too.

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A Biased Review of Pusha T's My Name Is My Name in Everything Is Pusha T t-shirt.


What did you expect I'm a total Clipse fan and even bigger Pusha T, 'Pusha Ton, Push a ton of that shit that makes your nose run' fan, hence my DJ name Pusha TeeHeeHee!  But I digress, I've been waiting for this album. So many argued that it wasn't going to see the Best Buy shelves, but take a look, the physical copies were sold out both Tuesdays that I went.

Let's get down to the nitty gritty. It's been 10 years since classic, 'Lord Willin' dropped & I haven't stopped listening since. That includes NoMalice's 'Here Ye Him'.



King Push...Woooo! Literally, with a introduction like that I knew I was in for a treat. The beat sounds like triumph and the metaphors are like tasteful word play. I miss the GRIMEY black hoodie and ultimately making your head nod and doing a stank face because the verse was so ill music. That's exactly how this MNIMN started out. We get in fly player mode with a M-A-Dollar Sign-E flow while Kelly Rowland lends her vocals for 'Let Me Love You. The album takes you for a ride. Think 1995 Mobb Deep at its peak. Does it make me miss (No)Malice, yes, but I did find myself playing his album to make a complete Clipse album.


Back to King Push, everything is Pusha T, I was so amped up watching Kanye's Truth (not rant) at the listening party I hoped they made a shirt. PlayCloths knows, they did I purchased and listened to the album while wearing the shirt. The standout song that I play over and over is 'Who I Am', it features 2Chainz and Big Sean. It take us back to Mercy minus a Yeezy verse but his presence is very much there on the production. The beat knocks and it's a must to blast it at ignorant levels.

I did say biased right? This album is so John Blaze:) #1995

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How to Watch #LHHNY Properly, With the Cast.


Blaring music, new hair, makeup & women dressed up in their best and the loudest whispers you could ever hear filled Stage 48 for the premiere of Love and Hip-Hop New York season four. Can you believe it? Mona Scott-Young is on a roll with these shows and for the first time I saw a club full of men just as excited if not more to see a reality show.

|Huge Shout Out to Mecca, Shante & Mona|

But what exactly brought everyone out? Was it the opportunity to see the cast interact? Was it the unlimited amount of Myx Moscato? Or was it just to watch the show as a group? I asked. Most people said they planned watch parties and then was invited to the party and thought that was even better.

Myself: I was invited, I like the show, I enjoy people, I love to network and I love interaction. I had no idea about the cast being there though. That made it better. Everyone was nice and it was lovely to see everyone enjoying themselves and basking in the ambiance of their success. During the show everyone found themselves looking at cast members after crazy encounters and events on the show. They tried to act like they weren't paying attention but they were. Most of the cast was full of I don't care what you think of me and the At the end of the day quotes.


When it comes to LHHNY, people like to paint the picture of negativity. But just like anything there's a good and bad side. The show has opened doors to various opportunities for the cast of the show. Tahiry said she'll be opening a club soon. She started as a bar tender. I remember that. One of the best things of the night was the panel. The audience was allowed to ask them questions after the screening. Get ready for the show is all I have to say. 

P.S. I happened to be sitting next to one of the video editors and one of her assistants...just get ready!

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Standing On Couches x CMJ Alabama Style in Brooklyn. Talented Artists Exist.


I've arisen again. This past weekend was ever so remarkable. Talented artists exist and they make really good music. Full of energy...not just myself but the Alabama crew, JayDot (Rainey to me) brought his best to his performance in New York. He was ready and not only was he hungry and readytowear on get the word out about his music but his crew, Charles, Alexander, Tee DJ Don JR they were just as into as him and down to do what needed to be done.


I really enjoyed that and seeing people working and enjoying it. I look forward to working with all of you (hope you read this). You all really motivated me again to get back into writing. Here's to you!


P.S. I had to put this chandelier up. It was one of the first pieces I saw during the show and made me think, I should really decorate this club too:-P

Huge s/o to Lexander for the great photos. 


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Reads of the Month: A Little Pac x Fashion From Paris x Savage Life Minus Webbie

It's been quite some time since I picked up magazines. As a fine collector of print everything I will admit I do hoard magazines. I had to go on a hiatus. But finally, it was time. I stepped into the candy store better known as Lafayette Smoke shop, just to pick up the latest copy of CR Fashion Book. In the end I came out with everything but that.

Kings of Cool by Don Winslow: Actually bought this on after my friend told me there was a book to one of my favorite movies (Savages). I highly recommend you see the movie.


Hypebeast: I have always loved their website so to actually see it in print is awesome. Not to mention it has great content and has so many features for my love of music and menswear.

Respect: Word to Elliott, I was so excited to see my Pac'y Poo on the cover. The first issue and the first time I bought this magazine was my first trip to London and Biggie was on the cover. #CoolStoryBro

HighSnobiety: Honestly, I wanted to see what the difference in content would be, between them and Hypebeast. I'm still not sure, but they have good editorials.

XXL: Duh, BFF Drake is on the cover, it's his third album and I gifted myself the honor of listening to it a tad early, but understand I will cop on vinyl.

Vogue Paris: Black and white. Editorials. Language I don't speak.