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SICK DESIGN | The Mickey Egg Chair

I'm always intrigued by unique chair design. My favorite pieces usually still serve their purpose of being comfortable but also something special with a twist. Color and shape make or break a chair for me. Just recently I came upon the Mickey Egg Chair and was immediately drawn to it. 

The Mickey Egg Chair by Mickey Mivu 

The Mickey Egg Chair by Mickey Mivu 

The Mickey Egg Chair is a mash up of the Egg chair by Arne Jacobsen in 1958 for Radisson SAS Hotel in Copenhagen and Mickey Mivu's take on the iconic chair.

Would you add this to your home?

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Headboard...Headboard Graining On That. DIY Headboard Ideas.

Just because your bed comes with a headboard doesn't mean you absolutely have to use it. Or better yet, it's falling apart and time to revamp your bed. There's nothing like getting into DIY mode and creating your own look and it actually brin more of your personality into it. Using what you have around you is always a great idea. Here are a few ideas that can tone up your bedroom and also that traditional looking bed.


Art Work.

Remember that big painting you had in the living room that's still in a box because you didn't have a place for it? Well now you do, put it behind your bed. It screams look at me.


Book Head.

If you're an avid reader like myself, maybe you want to go the book route. These are pretty. The trick is making sure that they stay up. Visit your local flea market and Salvation Army for books and start ripping away. Make sure the books are light.

I'll share more but these are definitely my favorite two.


How To Bring The Spring Weather In Your Home


We're about to dip into the new season and all we can think about is color and relaxation. Usually we refer to this time as Spring Cleaning. That is indeed what need to get to. But what if we just want to add a little simplicity to spruce up the place? Easy, smaller additions to a room make a huge difference just as accessories make outfits look totally different.

In this case metalwork designer, Anna Charlesworth takes advantage of her space and uses a big what appears to be a sheet to add color to the room. My favorite thing about the floor is the pattern. The color and print give the floor depth and makes it an eye-catching point in the room. Check out a few more ways Anna let's the light shine in and uses home accessories to introduce Springtime in the home.

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The EYEPISSGLITTER Digital Flagship Store Is Now Open & I'm No Longer Nervous

Yay! No really, I was so nervous and fake shakes about this whole entire project. It was more so getting the pieces completed in enough time. Mind you they are all handmade so making these pillows, I really put my heart into it. Each pillow has a story, from travel, to music, to television show influences.


The store is officially open!

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While creating this line I really wanted to play off of what the word HOMEWEAR actually means, since I made it up. Not only your entire room matching a lounge top but also slippers, house shoes. I'm still sewing a few pieces for Friday. But I had a few shakes to test out these babies. They won't be out for awhile but here's a peek as to where EYEPISSGLITTER is headed. 


Be Dangerous...It's Careful Out There. #EYEPISSGLITTER

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Office Glamour: Inside Rachel Zoe's Workspace


If there's any space that I find interesting and can tell a lot about a person it would have to be their office space. My favorites are usually clean cut but showcase a lot of photos. In this case, Rachel Zoe hit right on point with her gallery of inspirations holding her down. Imagine having a first meeting, the pictures would be looked at then a full conversation. 

She also has fresh flowers on the side which is always nice. I really admire glass desks as well. They are pretty easy to keep clean and just add an extra uniqueness that you can turn into your own.

Tot's Tips: Fresh flowers bring in a good feel! Try it at home as well.

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Ready. Set. Upholster.

This will be pretty exciting if I get the correct fabric. Either way...It's About To Go Down! I was just asked to provide my pillows in the first Liebeskind-Berlin Flagship Store, here in Soho, New York. I'm really passionate about my HOMEWEAR line and this is quite a big deal for me. Now it's time to put the pedal to metal. The stitching will go down this weekend. 


If you remember the first few pillows I was making you get to see them in the flesh. Also, ladies you can also match the pillows with slippers and a nice clutch! More details soon.



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And For My Next Piece Fencing Plays A Role

I'm not able to participate in fencing at the moment, but I've been working on my next piece that is truly inspired by fencing. From the body movement to the mimiminal use of color to the mystery, this next piece is the sh*t! Here are a few pictures that will give you an idea of what to look forward to. I'm sure you may be thrown off a bit though. But stay tuned.