The #EYEPISSGLITTER Digital Pop-Up TweetShop Is Now Open| Details Here.

Omg! It's finally the day of and it's happening! Day one of my pop-up tweetshop. And I'm making new social media family too! I hope everyone understands this. I'm NOT ACCEPTING CASH (at the moment) only your HASHTAGS #EYEPISSGLITTER.


The EYEPISSGLITTER TweetShop will be a two day digital pop-up shop taking place via TwitterInstagram and Facebook

Participants simply Give Their Definition of What Eyepissglitter means & share it via social currency hashtag #EYEPISSGLITTER. The most creative gets it.

The item up for grabs is the official logo lounge shirt made with the finest of Pima cotton. Participants have a chance to purchase via the hashtag #EYEPISSGLITTER before it goes out on shelves.

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I've Opted For Something Different, Try It With Me At 12PM Today

I'm finally past being nervous now. Today is the big day! My hopes for today is people are aware of new ways to do simple things. Also, how to do more with less. The official Eyepissglitter logo lounge-wear crewneck is so much more than a sweatshirt. It's a movement and shows that you really can do whatever you want and if you don't believe so, you can at least try, right? Before we begin at noon I will tell you another thing before this goes down. A portion of the proceeds will go to a foundation of my choice in Peru to help with living conditions  of the great people that make my fabric happen. 



Stay tuned for what is about to be one of the best launches for the best HOMEWEAR line ever:) #EYEPISSGLITTER

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And For My Next Piece Fencing Plays A Role

I'm not able to participate in fencing at the moment, but I've been working on my next piece that is truly inspired by fencing. From the body movement to the mimiminal use of color to the mystery, this next piece is the sh*t! Here are a few pictures that will give you an idea of what to look forward to. I'm sure you may be thrown off a bit though. But stay tuned.

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All In Your Cribnasium: A Field Trip Into Jeff Koons' & Brian Donnelly aka KAWS Homes


This is truly some great inspiration to start your day, especially if you're into home decor or art. Reading about Jeff Koons and KAWS all the time, I've often wondered what the inside of their homes entailed. Would it be full of their own art? Would it be plain with just a few pieces? Well, I was close. I imagined Jeff Koons' home to depict his latest piece he had done with Moët Chaundon, pink, pink and more pink. It is and he uses the saturation effect along with a number of pieces in his bedroom alone. He has a Picasso painting above his headboard that screams sex with a beautiful balance of pastel colors. I love it!

Next, KAWS, now known as MTV Moonman maker. Living in Williamsburg, Brooklyn art is everywhere. The hipster capital is home of various artists. Brian Donnelly also calls it home and with his cool apartment he goes for more of a comic relief mixed with drawings. His love for comic books and Japanese animation shows throughout his home. His main room looks just like an art gallery.

Both rooms I must say, I would love to add a few of my own pieces!

Thanks to NY Times Style for sharing this!


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Fall Fashion Favorites: Crewnecks x Booties & Plaid Pizazz

Of course Eyepissglitter had to be apart of this very cool lineup. Can you believe how cold it is now? Everyone is sporting black on black on black. How about adding color? It is fall/winter but, the addition of color brings life.

For this pick I went with the signature crewneck, cute booties and some boyfriend jeans. To add some fun (besides the crewneck) plaid outerwear is a must. The classic print will never go out of style. Along with the metallic leather blue Liebeskind bag if you feel like traveling a little bit lighter the matching Eyepissglitter clutch (goes with the pillow) is soft and handy. Dealing with a huge headache lately, sunglasses have become essential with everything I wear. These cool babies are refreshing to the eyes.

And don't worry, I'm opening my very first digital flagship store in a few:)


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Simple Sundays: Lovely Rustic Views

Somehow, someway, I'm turning into more of an outdoors person. Maybe the urge to venture out west more or maybe because I'm from the south. I had to showcase this lovely kitchen. I love the simplicity of it. Imagine the view. I'd love to create a really nice kitchen using natural materials. This is definitely inspiration.


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W.i.P. My First Upholstery Piece is Complete. Now Give me Your Couch.

No really! I completed my upholstery class which was amazing. I learned there is so much tedious work goes into making beautiful furniture. From the inside of tying springs to make sure they stay in place to making sure the staples don't show. Now I just need to remember how to do it all. But here's a few photos of the process.

I admit it's bland. So get ready for more. Now if you have an old couch I might have the skills to fix it. One day at a time. A huge thank you to Matthew Haly of The Furniture Joint. I'm on a roll!


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Frustrations x Designs & Re-Upholstery is a B*tch.

Ok, so here's the deal with this. I Love making furniture and when I say I love I mean love so much that you get so frustrated that you cry and don't want to take a break because you feel like the next time you'll get it perfect. But let me say, upholstery even spelling the word is TEDIOUS.


But TEDIOUS is becoming so beautiful. So beautiful I finally got these springs finished. Yes, I've been listening to Drake's Nothing Was The Same and Dedication 5 so I've been all over the place with emotions which makes for the illest HOMEWEAR pieces. So be aware:)