FIRST LOOK: IKEA's New Eco-Friendly Collection That Screams Industrial Style

I'm finishing up one of my biggest projects yet, my first client in Tennessee/Texas. Working on a new concept is always fun and a bit of a challenge as well. Once you find out a particular style a client likes, that is where the party begins. My particular client, Homer is a lover of the Urban, Modern Industrial style. 

This style is what you would see in a lot of denim stores such as Diesel or G-Star. A mix of metal and rustic wood are the key elements that separate it from traditional. Just in time for selecting client key pieces, Ikea just introduce a new eco-friendly collection, that gives off a "woodsy" yet modern clean cut look. 

Take a peek at the new collection here that will be available February. Would you have these pieces in your home?


FOOD: DISARONNO Gets The Versace Treatment

I'm a huge fan of fancy and an even bigger fan of great design and branding. Versace took its legendary style and teamed up with fellow Italian brand, Disaronno for a unique bottle and cocktail glass. Recent collaborations have included Moschino and Curtis Kuling. It's obvious fashion is very much apart of a lifestyle and in this case Versace meets Disaronno in a neat way.

Why I Care: I love the bottle. The liquer isn't too bad either, plus it shows growth within the fashion industry. Fashion is more than what we wear; it's what we do in our free time, it's what we eat, what we drink and all of that comes down to our lifestyle. This is a great 

Versace For Disaronno.

Versace For Disaronno.

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Reflect Your Personality On Your Coffee Table.

I still have yet to get my coffee table together. I can say one reason is that I don't have enough magazines to make the leg, so in the meantime I want to select one that will showcase my personality in full frontal fashion.

Print on Color On Texture.

Print on Color On Texture.

One of the first things to do when getting your coffee table together is choosing the right one. But my favorite part is picking the book. Yes, the book. And what makes this so much fun, is that you can always change it up. As always, books are meant to be read, so make sure you pick out something that you will thoroughly enjoy!

Next, I truly adore trays and simply placing one on your table will make a ton of difference. Check out my favorite looks in the gallery below.

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The Life Collection: Creating By The Pool

Although I really want to buy some artwork from a few great artists like Ronald Draper and one of my favorite gallery curators, Perri Dash, I can't quite do that just yet. Not to mention I want a huge piece from the two of them. In the meantime, instead of sitting in the house and writing or going to Starbucks to spend money on coffee I don't want, I went for a quick field trip to the pool. 

pool art.

pool art.

Not a huge space I have, but I do want to add some color and get my creative juices for The Life Collection flowing. I can already see this will be a moment that will be a huge part of my creative process. What makes it even better is the fact that Wave Chapelle just sent me four unheard tracks that he'll be releasing off his upcoming mixtape Only The Beginning.

Don't forget music is a HUGE part on how I make furniture, so the new tunes will definitely be an impact on a few designs. Stay Tuned.

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SICK DESIGN | The Mickey Egg Chair

I'm always intrigued by unique chair design. My favorite pieces usually still serve their purpose of being comfortable but also something special with a twist. Color and shape make or break a chair for me. Just recently I came upon the Mickey Egg Chair and was immediately drawn to it. 

The Mickey Egg Chair by Mickey Mivu 

The Mickey Egg Chair by Mickey Mivu 

The Mickey Egg Chair is a mash up of the Egg chair by Arne Jacobsen in 1958 for Radisson SAS Hotel in Copenhagen and Mickey Mivu's take on the iconic chair.

Would you add this to your home?

Weekly Diary

Weekly Diary #1 | Summer Jam x Quinn's BBQ x Harlem World x Gumball 3000

So I thought I would start something new. I've been a little more busy than usual but wanted to make sure I keep you abreast of all things EYEPISSGLITTER. So many new sounds, new designs and great people I've met in the past few months and exciting things to I'm sharing!

Lunch at La Esquina w/HyperFrank.

Lunch at La Esquina w/HyperFrank.

I'll do the weekly diary from Friday to Friday. This was a huge week, especially coming out of a difficult time, but that's neither here or there.

  • From Summer Jam seeing Nas bring 50 Cent out for a G-Unit reunion,
  • Laura coming from across the pond (London) and learning new artists
  • Running the streets of Harlem World w/ Jones
  • Dinner w/Matt at Quinn's (He's the best foodie besides me).
  • Watching a man cut up fresh Black Soap from Africa.

Next up, Bonnaroo. June 12-15, 2014

WEAKness of The Week, Design

The Much Needed Photo Shoot in The Entire History of Pillows

I'm a sucker for prints and patterns. It just so happens so are some of my clients. In this, from the whole process you were there. Now the pillows are completed. Fluffly, yet firm and with a persona out of this state. My client decided on the Geometric style and Mexico. 

Mexico x Geometry (18 x 18)

Mexico x Geometry (18 x 18)

It is indeed my WEAKness of The Week and I'm already thinking to myself where I would like to put them. Although, they are going to a client, I'm thinking of creating an ottoman to match.

This is just a little snag of the photo shoot that was done of the pillows. I have more shots you can find them at store:)

They are 18 x 18 and retail for $48 USD (each). Take a look at more at The EYEPISSGLITTER Digital Flagship Store.

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Upgrade Your Furniture With A Quick Makeover

I'm always looking for the next tropical fixture. I'm coming to the conclusion I LOVE modern contemporary styles but I am forever drawn to all things floral. So an upgrade to an old floral pattern, specifically a chair is a must look for me. But let's switch it up. This isn't about me, this is truly about the many things we can do with floral.

Oldie But Goodie.

Oldie But Goodie.

As we can see here, we have a parlor chair that is ready for a true upgrade. Something a bit brighter and maybe a hint of pink. Paint is one medium besides fabric that can make or break a design. Let's scotch on to the new chair.

Super Poppin'.

Super Poppin'.

Tippy Ting! Now this is more like it. Vibrant, floral and enticing to the eyes. The floral is the first noticeable thing but take a peek and you'll also see the stripes which adds to a great mixture. Try a few colors at home and let me know what you come up with.

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Room Crush: Such A Vibrant Thang

The color of the year is definitely Radiant Orchid, but I'm finding myself more and more in love with the color green. Besides, who says you have to follow the trend anyway. Browsing around I found one of the most elaborate rooms that we make you stop dead in your tracks. I was especially attracted to the chairs right away.

The mixture of cheetah print gives it dimension but also more character. I think this room is a fusion of fun and adventure with a modern take.

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Headboard...Headboard Graining On That. DIY Headboard Ideas.

Just because your bed comes with a headboard doesn't mean you absolutely have to use it. Or better yet, it's falling apart and time to revamp your bed. There's nothing like getting into DIY mode and creating your own look and it actually brin more of your personality into it. Using what you have around you is always a great idea. Here are a few ideas that can tone up your bedroom and also that traditional looking bed.


Art Work.

Remember that big painting you had in the living room that's still in a box because you didn't have a place for it? Well now you do, put it behind your bed. It screams look at me.


Book Head.

If you're an avid reader like myself, maybe you want to go the book route. These are pretty. The trick is making sure that they stay up. Visit your local flea market and Salvation Army for books and start ripping away. Make sure the books are light.

I'll share more but these are definitely my favorite two.

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While creating this line I really wanted to play off of what the word HOMEWEAR actually means, since I made it up. Not only your entire room matching a lounge top but also slippers, house shoes. I'm still sewing a few pieces for Friday. But I had a few shakes to test out these babies. They won't be out for awhile but here's a peek as to where EYEPISSGLITTER is headed. 


Be Dangerous...It's Careful Out There. #EYEPISSGLITTER