#eyeADVENTURE | The Phoenix Zoo & Ear Hustling Monkeys


 "Hey do you want to go to the zoo?" Of course I say yes! Fatima, better known as the future veterinarian and the coolest little sister on the planet (yes, Asia, Kris, Bril,and Lorenzo; I'm claiming her too) made sure I got a little Sahara while back in Phoenix. It was 108 degrees so it was only right we made our way to see the beautiful animals and exquisite cacti.


  Besides sweating crazy and thinking about what were were going to eat after, it was a wonderful experience.

Check out a few photos below.  



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Tot's Tunes | August 8, 2016: Desert Vibes

Since being in the desert for the past week I've been listening to everything from TityBoi to Jerreau. From more mellow vibes to straight up LIT life (I mean I am in the city of flashing lights; Las Vegas). I may even have to do a part two to Desert Vibes because we took a quick Roadtrip to Los Angeles and then got a nice surprise when Teedra performed.  


Jerreau - Champagne (Oh Baby)

I first heard this when DJ Meel sent it to me for the Selective Hearing Music Club. I was so here for not only the music club, but that initial EP I first received set the tone. One of my favorites ion the album is Champagne. Just listen, you'll love it too.

Kehlani - Gangsta

Something to slow it down and it just went with the desert heat. Can't go wrong with Kehlani.

Rick Ross x Skrillex - Purple Lamborghini

This joint really got me wild!! It's when you know you're about to have fun. I love when Skrillex collaborates with rap artists.

2Chainz - Get Out The Bed

This is one of those songs you blast and point at people like you were in the studio when Tityboi made the song.

Mac Miller ft. Anderson Paak - Dang!

So smooth, so very smooth.

Lil' Yachty - Shoot Out The Roof

How can you be so hyped and so calm at the same time...this song.

Dreezy ft. Wale - Afford My Love

I almost forgot about Dreezy then that joint with Gucci Mane dropped so I listened more and found more songs I liked. Afford My Love features Wale and of course we get a good storyline.

Jay Dot Rain - Ball & G

Initially, I had Dozen on here but it's old but still a favorite, but Ball & G is starting to become a selection as well now. If you download the iTunes playlist I have Dozen on there. But this one was a good smooth driving song. Wavy in the desert.

The Game ft. Kendrick Lamar - On Me

Nope it's not that new but it's already a classic. From the Erykah Badu sample of On & On to the extensive wordplay from The Game and Kendrick, it hasn't stopped playing since Documentary 2 dropped.


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CLIENT WORK: Homer In Houston x Designed To Jeezy's Thug Motivation

Taking on my very first Home In A Box project was a challenge but well worth it. Can you imagine putting together an entire apartment...more than 1,000 miles away. Well it happened and now client, Homer is excited and happy about his Interior Design Kit

Who: Homer B.

What: Apartment

Where: Houston

Style: Industrial/Modern Urban

Music Choices: Jeezy x Thug Motivation/ Kanye West x Good Morning

The process was simple in finding out what the client wanted. Starting with a questionnaire that asked questions from style to what kind of music he preferred was key in selecting furniture that would align with his personality and tell a story in his home. After receiving his floor-plan I was able to measure out pieces that would fit perfectly.

I created a floor plan by hand as well as a three-dimensional mock up of his new apartment. 

The Home In Box Included:

  • floor plan 
  • step-by-step explanation of how to implement the design plan. 

nd more. Now, it's Homer's turn to blast Jeezy and put the plan into action. I will post photos once he gets everything.


How Someone Breaking In My Car Made Me Appreciate NYC Transportation

& how if I thought going blank when it came to creating The Life Collection became the smallest problem I had to deal with since relocating to Arizona.

Or: When Free Spirits Have To Get A Viper (DMX voice)

Or: I'm Not The Best Of Accepting Help But Maybe This Is The Time God Is Like Accept It.

Or: I Saw My Gas Tank Open & Knew Something Was Up

Or: I Snitch When They Find Out Who Did It You Need To Fix My Car.

Or: I'm Not A Happy Camper and I'm Not Going To Act Like It.

Or: I'm Looking On The Brighter Side, I'm Alive & Full Of More Ideas.

THE LIFE COLLECTION. Don't Cry x Don't Pout x Smile...You're Breathing.

THE LIFE COLLECTION. Don't Cry x Don't Pout x Smile...You're Breathing.

Yes, that really just happened. I'm no tough cookie when it comes to situations like this. I cried in the street, threw a temper tantrum (like a baby) threw my pretzel (I had just made) on the ground and screamed. What could I have done? Was it because when I was in 2nd grade I told my mama duh? Or was it because I stopped answering that guy's phone calls and not just saying I'm not into you? Or was it because I had road rage several times and cussed out an old lady by accident? I couldn't stop thinking about everything little thing that I did that might had lead up to someone violating my vehicle.

After crying and cursing up a storm. I managed to be grateful. Somewhere in there is something telling me this too shall pass and you'll end up better than you started. I truly believe that and maybe reading this entire list of events that occurred to day will make it stick in my mind.

I can't front, as I type this my stomach still hurts and I want to cry but my colleagues managed to make me smile by presenting a nice plant. I love flowers and most of all I have been on the hunt for a plant. I couldn't find it but they did and it makes my heart smile. I don't want this to make me not be as open and not smile as usual, but for about an hour I had so much anger that I wanted to curse out anyone around me.

Hope this isn't turning into a diary. It's a setup for THE LIFE COLLECTION.


P.S. They didn't steal my skateboard:)


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The Life Collection: Creating By The Pool

Although I really want to buy some artwork from a few great artists like Ronald Draper and one of my favorite gallery curators, Perri Dash, I can't quite do that just yet. Not to mention I want a huge piece from the two of them. In the meantime, instead of sitting in the house and writing or going to Starbucks to spend money on coffee I don't want, I went for a quick field trip to the pool. 

pool art.

pool art.

Not a huge space I have, but I do want to add some color and get my creative juices for The Life Collection flowing. I can already see this will be a moment that will be a huge part of my creative process. What makes it even better is the fact that Wave Chapelle just sent me four unheard tracks that he'll be releasing off his upcoming mixtape Only The Beginning.

Don't forget music is a HUGE part on how I make furniture, so the new tunes will definitely be an impact on a few designs. Stay Tuned.

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Didn't Think I Could Afford To Live On My Own BC Of My Travel Addiction

Seriously, if you know me in real life, you know I live to live and living to me is seeing and feeling everything good which involves loads of traveling. It's become an addiction throughout my years on this earth, so much that I'll go without sleep like it's healthy. I've learned that you need rest though. However, I'm fake getting better at it for the time being. But it has a lot to do with me just leaving my home town and trying something totally different. So it's finally here. 

I've always dreamed of moving to a place where I didn't know anyone and nobody knew me. That's kind of the case here. I do have Asia, Krishna and Kenya here, but other than that it's just me. I've started working with a remarkable artist that the world is going to know in a few and then I landed my dream job. Even after that I was still scared that I wouldn't be able to stay in Arizona because those trips came with bills. I like to eat new foods when I travel too.

So it's finally here. After getting turned down to a few apartments I have one. No furniture yet, because I don't have the sewing machine (shout out to Bre sending me one/bestfriends/sisters forever:) but I'm very excited and honored to be alive in this world.

Shout out to Rodney & My mama. Phuk cancer.

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The Big Move Out West | Pre-Transition Period

Yes, it's actually the Pre-Transition period, because I have not yet found an apartment nor a car. Now let's get this straight, I'm not looking for a Mercedes CLK or my cherry red '64 Impala with hydraulics just yet, I just need a hoochie (as my Grandpa would say) also known as a car that will get me to point A to point B. 

Just recently, yesterday I started my very first day at my new place of employment, this extremely dope furniture showroom. So many things have happened that probably would have diverted me from getting the job (Think the greens at all of those music festivals I attended this year) and my close friend's passing (Rest/Live in Heaven Rodney). But somehow, not really somehow, by the GRACE OF GOD, I got it. Now it's time to maintain. 

I think if I keep thinking about how I almost didn't get it or just finally being in a great place where I can learn and connect others, I'll be ok. 

P.S. Really excited about an artist I'm working with, just remember #IJWT.