#eyePISSGLITTER | @HeyEryka Tells Us What Made @chancetherapper's Magnificent Coloring Day


You can't deny that there are so many new festivals popping up! This year alone has brought millions of people out from January 2016 to now. We've been to Bonnaroo, Coachella, Made In America, Bumbershoot, Burning Man, Life Is Good and more; this time I got with another fellow festival lover, Eryka! She recently attended Chance The Rapper's Magnificent Coloring Day in Chicago, Illinois. I so wanted to go but I attended a festival of love better known as Chris & Melody's wedding!!! (It was so beautiful by the way).

So, since I'm sure I'm not the only one who missed out, Eryka gave us a little bit to hopefully look forward to next year. 

  • Chance being Chance and wonderful. It's amazing seeing how far he's come and that he's able to do this for his city
  • A dope ass line up and surprise guests that LITERALLY kept you on your feet
  • Listening to a FULL stadium singing in unison
  • Experiencing it with friends who know when you say you're going to Chicago for Chance they know you'll do it whether or not somebody is with you so they tag along for the ride! 

Are you hitting up any cool festivals or events and want to share how much fun you had? Be sure to email me & let me know. 

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Tot's Tunes | August 8, 2016: Desert Vibes

Since being in the desert for the past week I've been listening to everything from TityBoi to Jerreau. From more mellow vibes to straight up LIT life (I mean I am in the city of flashing lights; Las Vegas). I may even have to do a part two to Desert Vibes because we took a quick Roadtrip to Los Angeles and then got a nice surprise when Teedra performed.  


Jerreau - Champagne (Oh Baby)

I first heard this when DJ Meel sent it to me for the Selective Hearing Music Club. I was so here for not only the music club, but that initial EP I first received set the tone. One of my favorites ion the album is Champagne. Just listen, you'll love it too.

Kehlani - Gangsta

Something to slow it down and it just went with the desert heat. Can't go wrong with Kehlani.

Rick Ross x Skrillex - Purple Lamborghini

This joint really got me wild!! It's when you know you're about to have fun. I love when Skrillex collaborates with rap artists.

2Chainz - Get Out The Bed

This is one of those songs you blast and point at people like you were in the studio when Tityboi made the song.

Mac Miller ft. Anderson Paak - Dang!

So smooth, so very smooth.

Lil' Yachty - Shoot Out The Roof

How can you be so hyped and so calm at the same time...this song.

Dreezy ft. Wale - Afford My Love

I almost forgot about Dreezy then that joint with Gucci Mane dropped so I listened more and found more songs I liked. Afford My Love features Wale and of course we get a good storyline.

Jay Dot Rain - Ball & G

Initially, I had Dozen on here but it's old but still a favorite, but Ball & G is starting to become a selection as well now. If you download the iTunes playlist I have Dozen on there. But this one was a good smooth driving song. Wavy in the desert.

The Game ft. Kendrick Lamar - On Me

Nope it's not that new but it's already a classic. From the Erykah Badu sample of On & On to the extensive wordplay from The Game and Kendrick, it hasn't stopped playing since Documentary 2 dropped.


So Now What? Uhh Duhh Everything!

No really. Every single little thing I have ever wanted to do in life. These past few weeks have been eye opening as I’ve said before. But it also showed me that faith is real even when you think you forgot about that dreamed you had of opening a boutique, God shows you that and much more, then he mixes it with learning because he knows as long as you’re learning you’re good then even your biggest loves EVER in one spot and the spot happens to be right in between two other great spots.

I know for a FACT that things don’t happen by coincidence. I’m still shocked. Once mumuring how I wanted to learn German is now coming into play and for a GOOD reason. So many amazing things and it really goes to show me that being myself and not dumbing down will get one far.

I feel really good and I hope others around me do too. I still may look crazy hashtagging 106TheSearch and even going for the contest but shyt I’m having fun…is that ok?

Get ready for an interesting journey…word to Daily TotDrops!


Travel Tunes...Oh Mercy Me.

The weather is oh so beautiful! What better way to celebrate the awesome temperatures with a great trip and the best in music. As the sun shines the increase for good music is upon us. Here are the perfect songs for this great month…APRIL!

Mercy|Big Sean. Pusha T. Kanye West. 2Chainz: This song has been on repeat since I received the artwork from Sav. Play it only at ignorant levels.

Down Bottom| Drag-On ft. Juvenile Trick Daddy: I didn’t say they had to be new songs.

Theraflu| Kanye West: WoopDeeDoo on the drama this song goes hard nail glue!

Come On a Cone| Nicki Minaj: I’m mean come on duh!

Mean Muggin’| The Game ft. French Montana. 2Chainz: This mixtape is hard and I love when French says Daawwwgg.

I Am Your Leader| Nicki Minaj ft. Rick Ross. Cam’ron: It’s Dipset Ding Ding