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#eyePISSGLITTER | @HeyEryka Tells Us What Made @chancetherapper's Magnificent Coloring Day


You can't deny that there are so many new festivals popping up! This year alone has brought millions of people out from January 2016 to now. We've been to Bonnaroo, Coachella, Made In America, Bumbershoot, Burning Man, Life Is Good and more; this time I got with another fellow festival lover, Eryka! She recently attended Chance The Rapper's Magnificent Coloring Day in Chicago, Illinois. I so wanted to go but I attended a festival of love better known as Chris & Melody's wedding!!! (It was so beautiful by the way).

So, since I'm sure I'm not the only one who missed out, Eryka gave us a little bit to hopefully look forward to next year. 

  • Chance being Chance and wonderful. It's amazing seeing how far he's come and that he's able to do this for his city
  • A dope ass line up and surprise guests that LITERALLY kept you on your feet
  • Listening to a FULL stadium singing in unison
  • Experiencing it with friends who know when you say you're going to Chicago for Chance they know you'll do it whether or not somebody is with you so they tag along for the ride! 

Are you hitting up any cool festivals or events and want to share how much fun you had? Be sure to email me & let me know. 


MUSIC MONDAYs: FleekyZeeky EYEtunes

My love of music goes beyond goes far and wide! My inbox is always filled with gems that should be blasted at ignorant levels and now it's time to share beyond my contributions to The Source. Each week I'll put you on to my Top FOUR tracks in rotation for the week. Share your tracks as well. Enjoy the tunes.

Lil' Wayne ft. Drake x Used To

As if I wasn't waiting for a new Drake verse...dope beat, reminds me of 0-100, just has that get some stuff done.

DJ Sydney Love x Rodeo Drive

Nope, not a mixtape, but a very dope instrumental produced by DJ Sydney Love. Yes, the cover art eye catching and automatically makes you want to dive into what's streaming but the track behind it the real treasure. She hits heavy with her GlitterTrap series but taking risks is what separate the dreamers from the ones who are making it happen. *Adds to LA to Coachella playlist*

Villz x By Myself

Truthfully, I haven't stopped playing this entire project since I got it back in Arizona. It was also the last song I heard on my Macbook Air after spilling champagne on it. I digress, the sound is great production by Mike Ewing and songwriting skills out of this world. Blast it even if you're not by yourself. Think modern Jodeci melodies with a new spin.

Father x Wrist (HeyMcfli! Remix) 

Honesty is the best policy right? Well when it comes to music, you can definitely find me at your listening party looking at you crazy if the song is pure wack juice. At first I didn't like the Wrist song at all. It just sounds like everything else but Ducko's spin makes it splashy and fun. I dig it.

It Was Beautiful Almost Everywhere & DMX Had a Show Last Night.

Temperatures were up high for it to be the 23rd day of February, not only in the southern region of the United States but also the north east got a snag of the upper 50’s as well. I took the day to explore the city, eat good food, a great meeting:) and miss a sold out show of the DMX concert. 

But while missing the show, I did get a listen of what DMX has been up to via The Breakfast Club. Still love DMX, he reminds me of all my mama’s friends put together…blunt, funny and down to earth aka HUMAN! When I got home I wrote up some stories planned my story boards all the while playing DMX. The livestream just made me want to be there even more.

She Hopped Up On the Runway & Did a Full Split.

No…really because Betsey does every year but before that a cartwheel and a entertaining runway show. Yes, iPhone 4 made me butcher her name yesterday, apologies. But it was a crazy yet fun experience! As the models walked the catwalk all I could here was Lil’ Wayne’s ft Drake ‘She Will’ that faded into ‘Like a Pimp’ by none other than Mississippi’s own, David Banner.

I’m so sincere…she ended the show with a marching band and a cartwheel and full split. But enough about the theatrics, let’s talk attire. Bright, pink, colorful, prints and patterns. Sound familiar? Well of course it’s so Betsey Johnson’s personality. Which I feel really sells the clothing. Like others there were a few pieces you could pick from but ehh…it was more like a wardrobe for a film about a woman who starts out with a little something then turns it into something. In short it was tacky. I’m HONEST.

Your thoughts?

EyeAche in My Head & Simply Raspberry Lemonade is The New Lugz.

Indeed it is or my taste buds are doing the Hokey Pokey & cupid shuffle at the same time. It’s time for a new juice to inspire tastebuds and make the horrid taste of “spirits” taste like blue raspberry jolly ranchers. I declare…

Simply Orange Juice with Mango, the new pop off of delicious juices.